Get in on Some Sales & Deals To Get MORE Free Comics!




FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 is almost here, folks! We've literally have only two weeks left before the event arrives! It's the 15th anniversary, and it's the biggest selection of free comics anyone could ask for: We'll have over 50 FREE comics for everyone to choose from, and the day will be full of different sales and deals, along with activities, guests, and an auction, so we're doing this one up the only way you'd expect from the Soundwave crew!

But, before we get to FCBD'16, we, here at Soundwave, want to try giving everyone a chance to try and get MORE out of their Free Comic Book Day experience.
Usually, on FCBD, we do three free comics per person. But, we've decided with such a large selection, that we'd try giving everyone the opportunity to get twelve, or more, FREE comics on the day of FCBD.
For the next two weeks, starting today, Saturday, April 23rd, we'll be hosting daily unique sales and deals for everyone to participate in to rack up their free comics! Each individual sale and deal will earn you twelve free comics. The more you buy, the more you'll receive, and you could be eligible to get ALL 50 FCBD comics!

Here are the sales and deals broken down for you guys for every day through the next two weeks:


Saturday, April 23rd.

  • Buy ANY DC Comics hardcover or trade paperback of a $20.00 value, or more, to earn twelve FREE comics.


Sunday, April 24th

  • Buy any Marvel Comics hardcover or trade paperback of a $20.00 value, or more, to earn twelve FREE comics.


Monday, April 25th

  • Buy any independent comic book company's hardcover or trade paperback collections of a $20.00 value, or more, to earn twelve FREE comics.


Tuesday, April 26th

  • Buy any action figure/statue/collectible/omnibus, that's in stock, and of a $20.00 value, or more, to get 12 FREE comics.


Wednesday, April 27th

  • Buy ANY hardcover or trade paperback collection, that's in stock, and a $20.00 value, or more, to get 12 FREE comics.


Thursday, April 28th

  • Buy ANY Marvel Essential trade paperback collection, and you'll receive 12 FREE comics.


Friday, April 29th

  • Buy ANY of the Marvel Comics Omnibuses, or DC Comics Absolute Edition hardcovers, and receive ALL 50 FREE comics!


Saturday, April 30th

  • $6.00 Saturday: Select hardcover and trade paperback collections will be at $6.00, each. If you buy a total of four, you'll receive 12 FREE comics.


Sunday, May 1st

  • Buy $20.00, or more, worth of back issue comics, and you'll receive 12 FREE comics.

    • This deal DOES NOT include comics in subscription hold bags.


Monday, May 2nd

  • Buy any three, regular priced ($9.99)  Funko POP! Vinyls, and receive 12 FREE comics.


Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Spend $20.00, or more, on in-store merchandise, and receive 12 FREE comics.


Wednesday, May 4th

  • Buy any hardcover or trade paperback collections, that are in stock, at a $20.00 value, or more, and you'll receive twelve FREE comics.


Thursday, May 5th

  • Buy $20.00, or more, worth of back-issue comics, and receive twelve FREE comics.

    • This DOES NOT include subscription hold bags.


Friday, May 6th

  • Pre-FCBD $1.00 back-issue comic book sale: For every 50 back-issues you buy, you'll receive twelve FREE comics!


Again, the more you buy the more you receive on FCBD'16. There's a total of 50 FREE comics coming on the day of the event. You can get in on different deals to rack up the amount of free comics you receive on that day, or you can double-up on some deals and get the same affect.


We reserve the right to substitute.

First come, first served.