August ARTIST OF THE MONTH – Proton Factories

   Being a resource for our pop culture community, we get to meet a lot of great creative people! Many times, these people are artists, crafters, writers, designers, and the list goes on. We've decided to make a new monthly article to feature local artists, and creators here in our community. Along with these monthly articles we will let you know of current events that our featured artists are participating in. We will, also, have a spot in our store dedicated to showing off their work, available for purchase. We are really excited to add this feature to our ongoing efforts to help the growth of our local pop culture community.

So without further ado,



Soundwave presents

Proton Factories as our featured Artist of the Month for August 2015! 





A little About: Proton is best known for once holding the title of Public Enemy No.1 during his early exploits as a street artist. However, a desire to reach a broader audience with his creations, and an arrest for said exploits, has led him to become a figure in the Charleston art scene.

The youngest of 5 sons and a product of Section 8 housing, he was given the name Proton for his positive attitude and upbeat nature. With influences ranging anywhere from video games to cartoons to movies to everyday life, his artwork shows through with the same positive light. Originating with graffiti, Proton has since made his presence known through multiple group and solo shows, and has moved his artwork onto canvases via various mixed medias, acrylics, and watercolors.

Proton Factories Rocks!

  protonwork2 protonwork protonwork1  

See Proton Live: 

Paint, Print, Procrastinate: New Works by Proton Factories! 

The Orange Spot Coffeehouse will display a collection of hand-pulled screen prints and watercolor paintings by local artist Proton Factories throughout the month of August. Proton reimagines pop culture characters from comic books, movies, cartoons, video games, and more in a simplified, whimsical style. Join him for a free reception from 5-7pm on Tuesday, August 4th. 

at 5:00pm - 7:00pm
The Orange Spot Coffeehouse

4824 Chateau Ave, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
Join the Facebook event page here: 

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Proton is on TeePublic! Check out his site HERE!