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New Comic Day 11/14/18-Uncanny X-Men, Bitter Root and Firefly!

THEY’RE BACK… ….AND WE ARE CELEBRATING WITH UNCANNY X-MEN DAY AT THE SHOP! Bundle Deals will be available, along with freebies and a… more »

Comic News

10/20/2018 10am-5pm!

Make sure you check out all the information tabs under the COMIC CON tab. We hope to see you there!

Collector's Corner

15th Anniversary Walking Dead Day 2018

We have a Walking Dead 15th Anniversary collectible comic book that is FREE! (One per family)   There are 16 different Walking Dead… more »

New Releases

New Comic Day 10/10/2018-Quick and Dirty…..

Sorry for the late newsletter, more like just a new release list.  We have been working very hard to make sure SOUNDWAVE COMIC… more »

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