Captain America Takes Hydra to The Next Level as The SECRET EMPIRE Rises!


Captain America Finally Plays His Hand This Summer...


It's been a year in the making!

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 came out in late-May 2015 to controversial reactions... Steve Rogers is Hydra! After regaining his powers, in Assault on Pleasant Hill, thanks to the Cosmic Cube-turned-little girl named Kobik, fans, who have been willing to follow along, soon learned that she did more than give him back his vitality... She was working for the Red Skull, and followed his instructions to alter Steve's memories to make him believe he has been under Hydra's influence since childhood! As the series has continued, we've been able to see how this not only affected his life, but also his friends, enemies, and closest allies.
And Steve Rogers' plan only gets more merciless now that he has taken over Hydra...
Beginning on April 19th, and continuing on a bi-weekly basis starting on May 3rd, Marvel Comics will be rolling-out their most unprecedented and ambitious event in their 60 year history! Don't miss it! This is going to be insane...
Get ready for...


What if your greatest ally was secretly your greatest enemy?
What if the most trustworthy, stalwart hero history has ever known has been planning in secret a massive betrayal?
That time is now!
The Marvel Universe is under siege from within! Captain America, secretly a true believer in the cause of Hydra, has turned his back on the superhero community. Using the trust and respect he has gained over the years he has ascended to a position where he can enact Hydra's ideals. The death of Jack Flag, the trial of Maria Hill, the second Civil War, the alien Chitauri Queen; All of the dominos of Captain America's plan have been laid out!
And it will take only the slightest push to set them into action!
Now, the Avengers, the Champions, the Defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and more will be tested. As Hydra's grip tightens around the Marvel Universe, the heroes stand at the precipice of an unprecedented challenge. How will they Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted among them?


The series will kick-off with a zero issue before it continues on through a nine issue mini-series.
So far, only the first five issues have been solicited. Keep up with our weekly Newsletters for updates on the up-coming issues as they come out. But, for now, here's what you can expect from the rest of the event, going forward...


Secret Empire #1 (of 9)


It's been building for months, across a bevy of titles! But now, the moment has arrived for Steve Rogers to step into the light and declare his allegiance to Hydra! How can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world? The map of the Marvel Universe changes in ways nobody will expect - TRUST THE SECRET EMPIRE!


Secret Empire #2 (of 9)


Enshrouded in darkness, plagued by the minions of Baron Mordo and cut off from all assistance, The Defenders and Doctor Strange struggle to save the lives of the innocent people consigned to this hell on Earth. Will Dagger prove to be the key to stopping this nightmare? Meanwhile, will the appearance of a new hero provide Iron Man with the key to Captain America's startling change?  THE SECRET EMPIRE WILL DEFEND YOU!


Secret Empire #3 (of 9)


Under constant attack from wave after wave of invading Chitauri aliens, Captain Marvel and the deep space task force under her command is waging a war of attrition - one they may not be able to survive! And back on Earth, things aren't looking too rosy for Hawkeye and his band of renegade heroes, either! But don't worry -THE SECRET EMPIRE WILL AVENGE YOU!


Secret Empire #4 (of 9)


There is a power that can either save the world or doom it! Both Steve Rogers and the heroes arrayed against him need this power! But unfortunately for all of them, the key to possessing this power lies in the hands of the unstoppable Ultron! LIVE IN X-CITING TIMES! SECRET EMPIRE!


Secret Empire #5 (of 9)


They thought they were safe! They thought they could handle anything that was thrown against them! But the united heroes of the Marvel Universe never reckoned on the dread power that Steve Rogers would unleash! THE SECRET EMPIRE WILL AMAZE YOU!

What's even cooler? Marvel will be giving readers of SECRET EMPIRE chances to win FREE MERCH!



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The event will also have plenty of tie-in stories to it, as well. Marvel won't just be releasing event-specific mini-series', like Secret Empire: United, but they'll also be tying-in their on-going solo and team titles, such as The Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny Avengers, Captain America: Sam Wilson, and even Doctor Strange. Just like with all issues of Secret Empire after #5, keep up with our weekly Newsletters throughout May, June, and July to find out what tie-ins you can get in on to supplement your collection of this major Marvel Comics event!