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Soundwave’s COLLECTOR CORNER – March 30, 2017

Up Your Geek Cred And Get Some Signed, Graded Pieces For Your Collection! What’s better than a nicely-framed, graded comic? A SIGNED framed… more »


Marvel’s ResurrXion is The Next Chapter For The X-MEN and The INHUMANS!

The War Between The X-MEN and INHUMANS is Over! Now, It’s Time to go Back to Basics With Marvel’s Next Chapter: RESURRXION! The… more »


NEWSLETTER – March 29th

The Dark Knight Might Be Out, But Wonder Woman is Hitting Hard in The Long-Awaited DKIII: THE MASTER RACE #8! The series has… more »


NEWSLETTER – March 22nd

The FINAL CHAPTER of Superman’s Major Event Hits Stands THIS WEEK! DC Comics’ four-issue cross-over arc between their premier Superman titles, SUPERMAN and… more »


NEWSLETTER – March 15th

DC Comics Brings Back BATWOMAN in Her Very Own On-Going Series! After The New 52 run sent waves through all of DC’s fandom,… more »