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CGC'ed Landmark, Signed Marvel Comics Issues!

This past week, a friend of the store brought by his selection of landmark Marvel Comics issues that he not only got graded and slabbed by CGC, but also got signed by Stan Lee! These are key pieces than any Marvel Comics fan will need for their collection! Below, we'll have them shown, with specific details on each issue's significance!



Marvel's third Netflix series LUKE CAGE has become a major hit with audiences and has helped the character's notoriety with the general public! Now, people are going nuts over finding some of the landmark Luke Cage issues and appearances! And we've got two that our Luke Cage fans, here in the store, are gonna want to add to their collection...



The FIRST appearance of Luke Cage, and the first issue to the character's initial on-going series. This is the first telling of Luke's origin story; This first issue features the first appearances of the villains Diamondback and Shades, who had major roles in the first season of the hit Netflix series. This first issue also introduced fans to Reva Connors, who, much like in the show, meets her unfortunate fate in this issue. And, with this issue introducing Luke Cage's origin story, of course Noah Burstein, the scientist who gave him his powers, makes his first appearance, as well. In the Netflix series, we meet a character named Commache in Luke's origin flashbacks; This issue also contains his first appearance.

PRICE: $800.00


This issue features the first meeting and battle between Spider-Man and Luke Cage! This issue also comes off the heels of The Amazing Spider-Man #121 and #122, the infamous two-issue arc "The Night Gwen Stacey Died", featuring the funeral of Gwen Stacey. In this issue, Spider-Man is labeled a murderer when Norman Osborn's corpse is found by police, after the battle last issue between Green Goblin and Spider-Man leading to the Green Goblin's death. Because of this, J. Jonah Jameson decides to hire LUKE CAGE to finally bring Spider-Man to justice! But, of course, Luke and Spidey come to an understanding, and Luke turns down J. Jonah Jameson's money. Because of this issue, J. Jonah Jameson uses his paper The Daily Bugle to negatively report about Luke's Heroes For Hire business.

PRICE: $50.00


After The Avengers film hit theaters in 2012, Marvel's universe became much larger for the general public who had never read comics. The film took the world by storm, and its sequel helped make some more classic Marvel Superheroes household names for more people outside of the comic book fanbase! One of those characters that people have fallen more in love with in the last couple of years is VISION. In the selection of CGC-graded comics, we've got a couple of Avengers issues, two in particular are landmark issues: The FIRST TWO appearances of VISION!


THE AVENGERS #57 - CGC 8.0 ; Signed by STAN LEE

This is the first appearance of VISION. In this issue, Vision meets and battles The Avengers for the first time for his creator, Ultron, who makes his major debut two issues before this one. By the end of it, he ends up fighting alongside The Avengers to stop Ultron Some trivia: The team at this time was just Goliath (Hank Pym), Wasp, Hawkeye, and Black Panther. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor were no longer active members at the time.

PRICE: $600.00

THE AVENGERS #58 - CGC 7.5 ; Signed by STAN LEE

This issue is the second appearance of Vision, and the first time he joined The Avengers team. Most importantly, this is the first time Vision's origin story has been told. This also marks the first time Vision meets Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. At this point, they aren't active members of The Avengers team, but due to their roles as founding members, they've taken more of "management" role, approving and inducting new members to the team.

PRICE: $300.00


The first yearly Annual published for The Avengers on-going series. This marks the first time The Mandarin battled The Avengers. Iron Man and Thor, who had previously been inactive members of The Avengers, return to the team for a short time in this issue. The story picks up in The Avengers #44, and in that issue, Iron Man and Thor would again leave the team. 

PRICE: $50.00


You can never go wrong with X-Men! One of Marvel's longest-running "bread & butter" titles, thanks to great minds like Chris Claremont who definitely helped the title find its stride in the mid-70's. By far, they are the most popular Marvel superheroes and, besides Spider-Man, have some of the most iconic storylines, arcs, and issues in comic book history. Here, we have a few of those iconic issues that we're sure our X-Men fans are going to want to get their hands on! Especially that Uncanny X-Men #139...!



This issue marks the return of The Phoenix in the X-Men comics. This issue reveals that Jean Grey set-up mental barriers that would limit her cosmic abilities as The Phoenix, but they begin to emerge fully-formed in this issue. 

PRICE: $60.00


This issue marks the first time Cyclops left the X-Men team, and the funeral of Jean Grey. After the death of Jean Grey at the end of what is known as The Dark Phoenix Saga, Scott Summers steps down from being leader of the team. Storm eventually takes over leading duties with Cyclops' departure. This also marks the first issue of the series to rise in price to $0.50. 

PRICE: $40.00

UNCANNY X-MEN #139 - CGC 7.5

This issue is a big one for X-Men collectors: This marks the first time Kitty Pryde would join the X-Men as Sprite. This issue is also the first appearance of Heather McNeal, member of Alpha Flight. This issue also marks the first time Wolverine's civilian name "Logan" is mentioned. This issue marks Storm's induction as leader of the X-Men after Cyclops' departure last issue. This issue is also used to help advertise Marvel's Alpha Flight on-going series that began in 1980.

PRICE: $50.00


Of course, there's plenty of great Marvel Comics out there that plenty of fans may be looking for that aren't AS specific, but are definitely great to have! These next two are great examples of books that fans are likely to want to look into getting for their collection!



This is the very first one-shot issue Marvel has ever published, from 1966. This issue collects a number of reprinted material, one of which happens to be the very first story Stan Lee ever wrote, "Captain America Foils the Traitor's Revenge" from the pages of Captain America Comics #3, from 1941. It also reprints "The Origin of Daredevil" from Daredevil #1, "The Avengers Battle The Space Phantom" from The Avengers #2, and "The Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner Meet" from the pages of Marvel Mystery Comics #8.

PRICE: $30.00


This is a major one: The first battle between Wolverine and Deadpool in comics!
'Nuff said!

PRICE: $40.00


Who doesn't love a good, 'ol superhero team-up? We've got a few cool ones from the original Marvel Team-Up series that starred everyone's favorite wall-crawler, SPIDER-MAN teaming with Marvel's most popular heroes!



Spider-Man teams-up with The Fantastic Four's HUMAN TORCH! This issue was the first issue in the series to feature a letter's page called "Mail It To Team-Up!". In this issue, they battle Morbius, The Living Vampire!

PRICE: $40.00


Spider-Man teams-up with the X-Men! At the time, the X-Men were still the "First Class" members, save for Beast her starred in Amazing Adventures. This issue continues from the last issue with Morbius being the threat. 

PRICE: $75.00


Something Marvel brought to comics was the idea of movie/novel adaptations, or even continuations in comics. One of the most successful series to come out of this time in Marvel's history was CONAN, THE BARBARIAN! This series had a fantastic run, and is still beloved to this day! We have the first issue available in CGC format. 


This copy is a 7.0 grade. This issue is the first time Conan had ever been published in comics, as the character was a creation of pulp novelist Robert E. Howard and introduced to the public through a series of sword and sorcery novels. This particular copy is going for $200.00.