Comic Books and Jackpots

World-famous characters come to life on different realms

The wide, wild world of comic books has been the home of hundreds of enduring characters throughout the years. With the glut of comic book adaptations into big-budget blockbuster movies, people from all walks of life (and not just comic book geeks) are now enjoying the spectacle and grandeur of a well-made superhero flick. The timelessness of comic book characters has resulted in mainstream exposure and appeal that has crossed over into different avenues of entertainment. It’s not surprising, then, to learn that there are superhero-themed slot machines both online and in the real world. Fittingly enough, with the upcoming releases of the latest installments to the Captain America and Spider-Man franchises in the coming months (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, respectively), two new video slot machines have given players the opportunity to win cool cash prizes while carrying the iconic images of Cap and Spidey. Captain America: The First Avenger (sharing the same name as the 2011 film) and Spider-Man: Attack of the Green Goblin are both powered by Playtech, widely regarded as the world’s largest and most highly respected supplier of online gaming and sports betting software.

While the marketing and cross-promotion of comic book characters has never been more prevalent due to the advent of social media, there were a fair amount of downright wacky crossovers between real-life sports stars and fictional superheroes before the Internet came along.

Arguably the most famous of these crossovers is Superman vs. Muhammad Ali: The Fight to Save Earth from Star-Warriors by DC Comics. Intergalactic hijinks, alien overlords, and a couple of boxing matches on a hostile planet are just some of the highlights of this instant classic. Not to be outdone, Dark Horse Comics’ Godzilla vs. Barkley – a spin-off comic from an equally campy Nike commercial – featured the scrappy Hall of Famer go one-on-one with the fearsome lizard in a scintillating game of basketball. Curiously enough, there are even obscure sports comics featuring crime-fighting athletes that border on the absurd and strange. Betfair writer Dan Fitch talks about obscure sports comics such as Marvel’s NFL Superpro (where a sports journalist turns into a crime-fighting crusader wearing an invincible football uniform) and Triple-A Baseball Heroes, featuring Spider-Man, The Hulk, Mr. Fantastic, and Iron Man attending a local baseball game.

As a medium, comic books and graphic novels are an exceptional vehicle to tackle more socially relevant issues and stories from real life. Truth be told, the combination of words and images in comic books can be used to tell stories about pretty much anything under the sun.

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Bradley Harper

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