DC Comics Rolls Out Its First Post-REBIRTH Event!

It's been a huge year for DC Comics, between its REBIRTH relaunch and the new films they've put out to jump-start their "DC Extended Universe" - - But the year isn't over yet! And DC is only about to end it off with a MAJOR bang! On Wednesday, December 21st, truth and justice commit suicide as DC Comics proudly presents...


It was bound to happen: The Justice League have finally learned that A.R.G.U.S. has put together a team of specially skilled supervillains, with bombs in their heads, to take care of situations the organization wouldn't even send their BEST operatives on. These villains are expendable, and won't be missed... But that doesn't excuse the obvious violation of human rights that the Justice League just can't ignore! Unfortunately, though, this problem will have to wait as A.R.G.U.S. desperately needs these two teams to come together and take on the WORST OF THE WORST that have broken out of a high-security prison, especially considering the old threat that is leading them...


The premier JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD series will be six issues, with each issue coming out weekly. Along with it, the series will see bi-weekly titles JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUICIDE SQUAD tie-in, as well. The Justice League tie-ins will start with #12, and the Suicide Squad tie-ins will begin with #9, with #8 acting as a "prelude" of sorts. Below, you will find the complete checklist of issues to grab for this monumental event throughout December and January.

Keep an eye for all the issues listed below...

Justice-League-vs-Suicide-Squad (1)

You will also find this checklist in the middle of all DC Comics titles, beginning on December 14th.

Every issue of this six-issue event will have three covers, each: A main cover, an Amanda Conner variant, and a "fight variant" that will feature a member of the Justice League fighting a member of the Suicide Squad that will be done by different superstar artists each issue.
You can check out our weekly newsletters, starting with the newsletter for December 21st HERE, to see what the variants for each issue look like.

It's something fans haven't seen before, and is sure to be one of the many staples of the modern DC Comics history! You're not gonna want to miss out! ESPECIALLY considering this will also uncover MORE secrets regarding the REBIRTH narrative, creating a turning-point in the DC Universe since Rebirth began, and kick-starting what DC Comics considers their "Phase 2" plans for their Rebirth line. This includes a new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA series which will see the return of fan-favorite characters VIXEN, THE ATOM, KILLER FROST, and THE RAY, along with a re-design (Or... Re-re-design?) of everyone's favorite intergalactic, cigar-chewing bounty hunter LOBO, back to his old self once again!