Find Out How YOU Can Win TWO Tickets to See LOGAN, On Us!


Get PUMPED For LOGAN All February Long

With Reprints of His Most Iconic Moments!


On March 3rd, 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment present everyone with Hugh Jackman's and Patrick Stewart's highly-anticipated, final outing as Wolverine and Professor X, respectively in LOGAN! But, between now and then, we've got February to get through, and 28 days might seem like WAY TOO LONG to wait for a new Wolverine film. After all, we had to wait four years, already!
SO - -!
With the help of Marvel Comics, we at Soundwave will be able to quench your thirst throughout the month of February with reprints of Wolverine's best and most iconic moments in comic history! AND, you could win tickets to go see the new movie in theaters! All month long, Marvel will be providing excited fans with new True Believers one-shots, ten total, all $1.00 a piece, reprinting material like Wolverine's first appearance, the first issue of his solo outing, and other major FIRSTS in Wolverine's rich history.

Every week, two True Believers issues will come out, and if you get all ten, you'll be entered into our drawing to win TWO TICKETS, on us, to go see LOGAN on March 3rd!

Here's all the True Believers you can look forward to in February!


True Believers Wolverine: Origins #1

(Reprints ORIGIN #1)


True Believers Wolverine: Weapon X #1



True Believers Wolverine: Versus Hulk #1



True Believers Wolverine #1

(Reprints WOLVERINE, vol. 1, #1, from 1982)


True Believers Wolverine: Save Tiger #1

(Reprints Marvel Comics Presents #1-3)


True Believers Wolverine: Enemy of the State #1

(Reprints Wolverine, vol. 3, #20, from 2003)


True Believers Wolverine: X-23 #1

(Reprints X-23 #1)


True Believers Wolverine: X-Men #1

(Reprints Wolverine & The X-Men #1)


True Believers: All-New Wolverine #1

(Reprints All-New Wolverine #1)


True Believers: Old Man Logan #1

(Reprints Old Man Logan, vol. 1, #1 from 2015)

Again, get ALL TEN and you'll win two free tickets to go see Logan. You'll get a punch card with your purchase of the first two True Believers issues on February 1st, and if you get all ten punched, you'll be entered into our drawing to win the tickets. We will announce the winner on March 1st.

We want YOU to win!