Saturday May 3rd 2014

Since 2002, Diamond has been partnering up with local comic shops around the world to make FCBD the biggest annual comic book event for fans! Every year retailers are supplied a wide variety of specially printed FCBD comics for all ages. This is an opportunity for comic suppliers and shops to introduce new fans into the world of comic books, to supply old fans with a new era, and to thank current fans for their support and dedication.

This year for FCBD, Soundwave will be a gold member offering all 60 free comic book titles available! The store will open at 9 A.M. Come in and enjoy a day long event! Each person can receive 3 free comics of their choosing – that’s right – 3 FREE books for each family member! Meet with local artists Christine Brunson and Albert Captian, along with local author  Marie F. Crow! Get face paintings and body art done by local artist Keith Gibbs! Take advantage of store wide sales on everything from comics, statues, action figures, and posters! Then close out the evening  with a Spider-man themed party and one of our ever famous Comic Book and Pop Cultured Community Auctions! Free comic book day is sure to be an event the whole family won’t want to miss!

Continue to check back for details on sale and auction items! 



Artist Profile for Chirstine Brunson:


For most of her life, Christine Brunson has been enjoying comic books. The characters, stories, and artwork have always enchanted her. Ever since she was exposed to the world of comic books, the desire to make her own has always been with her but she didn’t start working on that dream until recent years. She made her debut as co-creator, writer, and colorist for the web comic Undead Norm. When not working on Undead Norm, she has been writing scripts for a few other stories as well as doing freelance color jobs. When Anthony approached her about coloring the pages for Disco Frankenstein, she couldn’t resist it! Christine hopes to continue making great comics for people to enjoy for many years to come!

Check out Christine’s art and upcoming schedule on her Facebook and blog!

Artist Profile for Albert Capitan:


Albert Capitan (also known as ‘Cap’) is a graphic artist, illustrator, and designer from Goose Creek, South Carolina and is quickly gaining recognition around the Charleston area. He recently attained degrees in graphic design and illustration. Soundwave is happy to have him back as a guest artist for the second year in a row. Cap will be doing sketches and will have a limited number of exclusive Soundwave F.C.B.D. signed prints along with other art pieces for sale.

To see more about Cap check out his website CapSlaysDragons !

Author profile for Marie F Crow


Marie F Crow is the author of the post-apocalyptic series, The Risen. She weaves her stories around the human element of the horror verses the “monsters” themselves. She believes that the real horror of life does not come from the expected, but from the unexpected responses of the human nature and what depths of trauma a person has to survive in certain situations. She began writing The Risen series when feeling that the popular genre was slipping too deep into the realm of pure “slasher” and forgetting what the horror of zombies can mean for a story.

Now with her children’s series launched, Marie hopes to use her favorite “monster” as a teaching tool to inspire children to understand that not everything that looks scary, is scary. With Abigail and Her Pet Zombie series, Marie hopes to further spread her love for all things “that go bump in the night” with small children showing them that it’s okay to be different and to embrace those same differences in those around them.

Check out Marie’s Website for even more info!