FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 is Right Around The Corner!


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Returns For Its 15th Year in a Row!


Soundwave is excited to participate in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016, on Saturday, May 7th! We hope to see you all here for a day FULL of FREE comics, special SALES & DEALS, local artist guests, costume contest and another of our WORLD-FAMOUS comic book and pop culture auctions!

For this year's FCBD, publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, and Image have created 50 different titles that will be available for participating store to purchase to give away for FREE to their friends and customers.
Pictured below are the twelve GOLD SPONSOR titles that will be available on FCBD. Soundwave has learned that this will be the BIGGEST and BEST Free Comic Book Day, yet, as Diamond Distributors has revealed to us that OVER 6 million copies of FCBD titles have been ordered this year! For our part, Soundwave has placed the BIGGEST FCBD order in the eight years we've been participating.
There REALLY IS something for EVERYONE this year; Whether you like superheroes, sci-fi, horror, or manga, we will have all 50 titles available on May 7th.

Soundwave has always allowed for THREE FREE COMICS PER PERSON, so as to be able to provide as many people as possible with great FREE stuff!
Please plan on joining us early on May 7th for the BEST selection, while supplies last!

Please see the twelve GOLD SPONSOR titles, below, and check out our special offer at the very bottom of this page!

FCBD16 Archie

FCBD16 Archie #1

FCBD16 Bobs Burgers

FCBD16 Bob's Burgers

FCBD16 Bongo Simpsons

FCBD Bongo Comics Free-For-All

FCBD16 BOOM Studios Summer Blast

FCBD16 BOOM! Studios 2016 Summer Blast

FCBD16 Camp Midnight

FCBD16 Camp Midnight

FCBD16 Civil War II

FCBD16 Civil War II/All-New, All-Different Avengers

FCBD16 Dark Horse

FCBD16 Dark Horse Comics: Serenity/Hellboy/Aliens

FCBD16 Dr. Who

FCBD16 Doctor Who

FCBD16 Poke'mon

FCBD16 Poke'mon Pocket Comics

FCBD16 Rom

FCBD16 Rom #0

FCBD16 Suicide Squad

FCBD16 Suicide Squad #1

FCBD16 Valiant

FCBD16 Valiant: The Summer of 4001AD Starts NOW!

We want YOU to get MORE FREE COMICS!

With SO MANY GREAT TITLES available for FCBD, this year, we've realized that you may want to get MORE than the three free that we offer every year.
Free Comic Book Day is EXACTLY eight weeks from TODAY! We have decided to provide weekly SPECIAL OFFERS that will allow those who choose to participate to qualify for MORE FREE FCBD COMICS!

Participation in these deals is totally voluntary; You will be able to get three free, per person, on May 7th if you do not choose to take advantage of the special offers. The benefit of participating is having FCBD comics reserved JUST FOR YOU before the event, so you DON'T have to worry about us running out of a title that you REALLY wanted! With these deals, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED while supplies last.

We will reveal SPECIAL OFFERS WEEKLY in our Monday Newsletter.

(The Sales and deals we offer on May 7th, for Free Comic Book Day itself, will be different and will be announced on May 2nd.)


comics can be found *HERE*...

If you choose to participate in this first special offer, we will reserve ALL TWELVE of the Gold Sponsor comics shown above, just for you!

We can't wait to see you all there, on Saturday, May 7th for FREE

COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 for a day full of free comics, sales & deals,

local guests, and fun activities! And keep checking back in, here,

on the website for more updates about FREE COMIC BOOK DAY