Keepin’ you on The Edge! 8/19/13

What is the EDGE?

Stories that take you to the edge of your seat. Artwork that takes you to the edge of your imagination. Characters that stay on the edge of your mind. Comics that ignore the capes and spandex to tell tales of real people in unreal situations, monsters, mysteries, brutality, life, and death. Comics that you should be reading that will keep you living on the edge





Writer: Steve Niles 


Artist: Tony Harris

  Al Capone is dead. Shot through the skull by Shaws cursed slug, the gangland legend lies dead before Eliot Ness could drag him to court of tax evasion. Shaw’s interference has uprooted history and now Ness wants it set straight. The shot also alerted Shaw’s enemies of his presence in Capone era Chicago, and they are coming for him. They took his skin last time. This time they’ll have his eternal soul.



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