Deals and Specials

New Comic Day 12/06/17 & BIG Holiday SALE Saturday!

      Is this upcoming Saturday from 11am-8pm.  There will be door buster deals, mystery gifts from Soundwave for qualifying purchases and… more »


MIDNIGHT RELEASE 11/21-DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 and new comic day list 11/22

  We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a MIDNIGHT RELEASE of DC’s Doomsday Clock, one of their most mysterious… more »


New Comic Day 11/15/2017 – ARE YOU IN? Batman Who Laughs says naahaaahaa……Punisher says yeah.

We here at Soundwave are so excited for The Punisher, brought to us by Netflix. Marvel is also relaunching their Punisher comic book… more »

Comic News

NEW COMIC DAY 11-08-17 Batman is lost and we found some new Indie #1’s

WE HAVE A GREAT WEEK COMING UP.  DC has been killing it with Dark Nights Metal story, Marvel continues with their Legacy line-up… more »


NEW COMIC DAY 11/01/2017 – The Devastator is here to destroy us all…..

                         The Bat Who Laughs has rounded up his last dark Batman… more »