Skin Crawling Comics with Christine Brunson

From a dark alley in a sinister neighborhood comes a spooky graphic novel tempting you to help give it that spark to come to life.  That anthology is Skin Crawling Comics!  This 180-page color collection was formed on the slab by 40 indie comic creators including me your friendly neighborhood comic crafter Christine Brunson!

Somewhere in the dreadfully sunny land of Jacksonville, FL, creepy writer Rachel Pandich (Womanthology, Aspire) felt that too many horror comics relied on splatter porn and gore instead of terrifying anticipation in their narration.  She went to her lab and forged a plan to craft a dreadfully intriguing comic sure to entertain comic lovers with a lust for dark tales along the lines of Tales From the Crypt and House of Mystery.  As she mulled over the perfect ingredients she discovered that collection stories, drawings, colors, and letters from other mad scientists from around the world were the perfect solution for her concoction.  Soon after, sinister scribes such as Gerald Rathkolb (Anime World Order), Adam Wollet (Widowed), Paul Chapman (Sasquatch Rides a Harley), Jeremy W. Kaumann (Golden Gate Riot), Sabrina James Riley (The Seed of Mankind), Lauren Burke (P.I.Jane), Greg Sorkin (P.I.Jane), Bryant Dillon (Identity Thief), and Peggy von Burkleo (Samhain Night) filled her mailbox with tales of crafty creatures, menacing monsters, and their unlucky victims.  After carefully sorting through and editing the stories, she sent them off to illustrators such as Edmund Dansart, Nick Valente (Cash Box Dreams), Kate Carleton (Facebeast), Ashley Lanni-Hoye (Womanthology, Aspire), Laura M. Bearl, and Chris Throne (The Leviathan’s Key) to help give them the spark of life!  Many of the artists and colorists like Joaquin Ezequil Pereyra (Widowed) and Jesse Campbell (Zombie Bites) helped to add some flare to enhance the haunting adventures as well.


Where is my part in all of this?  Rachel graciously let me write and color a 10-page story called “Don’t Park on Market Street” which is illustrated by Sherri Rose (Womanthology).  In addition I was asked to color another 10 page story called “F.V.K.” written by Geoffrey D. Wessel (Keeper) and illustrated by Sha-Nee Williams.  Take a gander at these pages from our stories:

FVKpg1 FVKpg2

Want a little more?  Check out the 20 page preview of “Hoard” written by Rachel Pandich and illustrated by Ashley Lanni that is provided by our publisher Fanboy Comics!


There are many perks available on the IndieGoGo page with digital copies of the book for $10 and printed versions started at $20!  There are a lot of chances to get original artwork from some of the artists as well.  I cannot guarantee that there will be enough books available for you to purchase locally so if you want to make sure you have a copy you need to order it from the IndieGoGo page!  This campaign is a fixed funding campaign which means we only collect the money and publish the book if we met our goal!  As of writing this article, we are at a little over $4,000 out of our goal of $18,000.  Why is the goal so high?  Because our publisher wanted to make sure that each and every creator gets a modest pay for their work.  There are many, many talented up and coming creators on this book so I encourage you to help us.  We do appreciate everyone who donates and everyone who shares this project with their friends.  Any help that you can offer is awesome!

If we get to $10,000 by 5PM EST Sunday, August 24th, I will wear a mashup costume and do the chicken dance in a video that will be posted on Youtube.  Help indie creators AND see me make a fool of myself!


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