Artist Alley

These were our Artist Alley guests for our 2018 show. Check back to this page for announcements concerning our guests for 2019!

Alex Smith (AKA Sketchy Mcdrawpants)

An illustrator, comic artist and podcaster from just outside Charleston, SC. I've been drawing as long as I can remember, but my interest really took off when I discovered X-Men comics in the 3rd grade. Aside from a long running sketch blog, I've worked on Princeless from Action Lab Comics, Out-thinking the 7 Lies About School from Jantzi Test Prep, and album covers for Tribe One and Fat Royale

Art of Chris M. Liryo

Chris is an all around creative being.  She writes and illustrates comics along with her own creation Deep Breath.  Check out her Facebook page for more details and some samples of her work.  Prints, original art, and pins is what she plans at have at the show.

Art of Embr - Marilyn Bradley

A little Harry Potter, a little Disney, a little witchy and a lot of creativity!

Arylias Nova - Five6 Publishing

Arylias Nova is a Texas born SciFi/Fantasy and Horror writer currently living in Charleston, SC. Growing up she always made up worlds and stories, leading her to quickly find her calling in life as a writer. Currently she has the first two installments of her Stories of Ghardar SciFi series, Spark and Ignition, and is working quickly on the third, Combustion. As well as just releasing her fantasy novel, Awakening. Loving the horror genre herself, she put together a series of horror shorts in her A Peek Inside collection and her dark-humored novella series Parenting During the Apocalypse. Nova has also recently produced a short film, Anniversary, based off her short story. Anniversary is in multiple film festivals and up for several awards.

Bedlam Originals - Shawn H.

Inspired by the strange and unusual. Horror enthusiast. Commissions are always open. Creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky.

Caroline Cash - Carrie's Merch

sometimes called Carrie, is an IT professional by day, fanartist by night. She like charm making, Copic marker illustrating, and narrative designing. Find her on instagram, twitter, and tumblr @carriecmoney!

Chris McJunkin - Junk Drawer Studio

 is a freelance illustrator, sequential artist, letterer, colorist & graphic designer.  He has recently contributed to Marvel and Upper Deck's "Marvel Premiere 2017" and "Black Panther" Official Sketch Card Series. His past credits include work for New Haven Comics, 803 Studios, Red Ninja Productions, Heske's Horror, & Arcana. He has also contributed to Versicolor's Bettie Page Card Series and Image Comics' Dynamo 5 Sketch Card Series. Chris resides in Florence, S.C. with his amazing wife Rebecca and their three pups.

Corey RocBottom Davis - RocBottom Studios & Truthful Comics

An ink and pencils maestro, Roc Bottom has garnered praise from hundreds for his stylistic and innovative approach to his craft. His creative works have been featured in The Underwire Online magazine with his creator owned comic, Lion's Den Revolution, the first comic to ever be presented in digital desktop format. Other comics credits include, Queen of Sin and Master’s Devils for Legion Studios, and 803 from 803 Studios. Roc is also a member Truthful Comics where his titles include, Order, Shadowclub Karma, and Jet Boy: Dawn of K.R.O.N.O.S. , a comic/animated series.


Cut It Out Comics & Cosplay

Little Xio is an artist who creates paper cut-outs of characters from comics, cartoons, TV, & games. They're a cartoonist who creates fanart & original art sold on prints, bookmarks, sketch cards, & coloring pages. They're also a casual cosplay model.

DJ Conos - Julius Theodore Art

from Columbia, South Carolina and is currently still living there. I mostly do Art, Crafts and  Music. 
I'm a Digital and Traditional Artist. My biggest inspiration is J.G. Quintel and I hope that one day I could create a cartoon as great as he did. 

Enchanting Creature llc ~ Margaret Hansen

for the love of all things dark & mysterious... it is a fantasy, a dream, sometimes a forbidden romance.

Enchanting Creature jewelry, clothing and wares are handmade or curated by myself with this fantasy in mind.

Fillbot - Phillip Scott

Loves to create mash up play on words with pop-culture.  If you're a Star Wars lover, then he's got some pins and stickers you'll love.

For The Love Of Pixel Art ~ Sarah Toolin

Just like the name, Sarah loves pixel art and it shows in her small to extra large pieces, from Walking Dead to Mario, pop-culture pixelized is her game.

Forge Of The Phoenix - Chelsea Penny

Chain-mail accessories or jewelry up your alley?  Then this is the table to stop at, necklaces, rings, shoulder caps, body pieces and more.

FumiMotto - Ashly Jose

Hi! I'm Ashly or more people know me by Fumi. I love and enjoy anime, so that's where my style comes from. I'm a bright magical girl type of person.


Hazel Dog Art Illustrations

Elizabeth does custom pet portraits in either a realistic or cartoon style as well t-shirts through Redbubble, usually consisting of fan art. She does digital art as well as Copic markers. At the con she will have stickers, prints, and sketches. Check out some of her work below.

Hooks & Toggles ~ Dina Barron

Making jewelry since 2004. Designing unique, one-of-a-kind gemstone and sterling silver beaded jewelry and chainmaille, some with pop-culture influence . She loves using unusual stones with different shapes, colors, and textures.


James Christopher Hill Art

Born in Charleston, SC , James has gained international notoriety for his paintings by his collectors and viewers. 

He is best known for painting his landscapes and skyscapes filled with vibrant color and rhythm to create powerful, sweeping images that seek to provoke a particular mood

or emotion by capturing an exact moment or memory in time that is meaningful to both him and the viewer.

Jesse H Mead 

born to two old hippies in Charleston, SC. He grew up enjoying comic books, movies, laughter, video games, and music. A graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. He now enjoys drawing graphic novels, a warm campfire, a laugh with a friend and the occasional steamed artichoke.

Jet Kismet Art

An illustrator open for commission. A student at trident tech earning an accosiates in commercial graphic design and animation.

John Black Art

a creativity-filled person, with the love of acting and art filling his life.  Acting is his passion, but who knew his talent didn't stop there?  John has a hidden talent that we have talked him into showing the world too. He sells some of his works of art online, but this will be his first time at a show.  He will also be, along with his lovely wife, one of our cosplay contest judges.  SO you must check out his opening show!

J.Wolf / WH?T/ inC Street Media

Graphic designer / street artist living in Charleston, SC.

KelCat Crafts

 dabbling in just about every sort of art and crafts they can. From Perler bead art on canvas, to the more recent color explosion of paints, definitely worth stopping by the table.

Leigh Showers - VileVyxn

Artist by night, office manager by day
Open for character commissions!

Leigh Yost Williams

An illustrator and artist stationed in Columbia, South Carolina.

Specializing in traditional illustration, she also harbors a passion for cut paper and needlecrafts.

MagentaReese Designs ~ Magen Naef

Handmade fandom inspired earrings and other types of jewelry along with photography, and occasional doodles.




Marcus Cripps

Weird, Bad, Everything Rad! Local artist right here in Charleston, SC.


Matt Brooks

Matt “Splatter Geek” Brooks is a watercolor and cover artist from Charleston, SC most recognized for his vibrant, pop culture expressionist style he refers to as "splatter color".  Matt has created work for Dynamite Comics (Red Sonja) and Stan Lee.

Mia Chavi Geekery 

I am an artist, i love to sculpt, draw and create.  Pop culture jewelry, cosplay accessories and more! 

Miranda Gainey 

Illustrations that will tug at the nostalgic heart. Also, I’m a cinnamon roll.


Nathan Alessandro

bringing you The Dude to the DeathNote and everything in between, pop culture acrylic canvas art is what you will find.  Check out his Instagram.

Neo Monster Island - Sean McGuinness

Godzilla artist in Columbia, SC teaching art appreciation through Godzillafication.

PaintDust - Ally Jones

brand is focuses on kawaii and nostalgia, so there will be plenty of nerdy cute 90s designs since that's been getting the most attention lately. Lots of anime and Nintendo based art. There will stickers, prints, buttons and more!

Peachy Collective

Home of pop culture & queer positive apparel and accessories! They carry various accessories and apparel pieces, but specialize in enamel pins.

With item themes ranging from Star Wars to Steven Universe, there is something to offer to everyone.

Proton Factories 

a self-taught print-maker and painter based in Charleston, SC. His artwork mirrors his positive, upbeat personality, featuring re-imagined pop culture characters from comic books, movies, cartoons, video games, and more in a simplified, whimsical style.

A former graffiti artist, Proton moved his practice from the streets to the studio in 2009 and has since participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions.


Rachel Sullivan Illustration

 A Illustration major, an art blogger and loves to make girly watercolors, and portraits of babes with attitude.

Ralph F. Gibbs

an newspaper writer turning author from a little bit of almost everywhere. He is a Navy veteran that settled in Concord/Charlotte NC and like a lot of creative souls continued to expand his mind with a bachelors degree in History. Then continued a 9 to 5, for him the wireless industry.  All while bring us a heroine's story called Broken Justice: Seventeen-year-old Danica Justice doesn’t want to be a police officer like the others in the Justice family clan. Instead, she wants to study aeronautical engineering, join the Air Force, find a soft woman to settle down with, and become an astronaut.  Find out more below.

Run Riot Media

Local creators high quality comic books and related merchandise. Hart Jeffers and Steve Stegelin


Rusted Gear Art and Cosplay ~ James McCulley

Rust Gear Art Commissions Welcome, Cosplay, Science Fiction Art, Fantasy Art, Star Ship Cut-a-ways, Cosplay Props, Comic Art work.

Sei-Fi Models and Comics - Jason Seidner

a Graduate of Ashland University, with a B.S. in art education and a B.S. in Fine Art, is currently an art teacher at McCracken Middle School in Bluffton S.C.  Artistically expanding the minds of his students by day and building amazing Sei-Fi models from SCRATCH!  These are a marvel to see.


Soda City Art ~ Christopher J. & Jacob LeBeau

Christopher and Jacob are a father and son combo of visual/graphic artists from Columbia, SC (AKA Soda City). Their sense of humor often shows through in their work through pop culture parodies and franchise mash ups. Original acrylic paintings on paper and canvas, Lino block prints, digital paintings, stickers, original drawings and sketches all made by hand. 

Tina Ballentine

will be bringing you some straight off the stencils, color explosion pop cultured art. Check out her instagram to see what she may have coming our way.

Woodlings - Melissa Pierce

Welcome to Woodlings!  This is a magical place of wonder and excitement! Naw, its just were I store all my fantasy art.  I'm your hostest De-Lerias. Author and creator of Shurale.

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