Food Trucks

These were our Food Trucks for our 2018 show. Check back to this page for announcements concerning our guests for 2019!

La'Son Anchor Grill

Good American fare, straight off the grill.  All the favorites, BBQ, Chicken, Ribs and Dogs.



A taste of Athens in South Carolina! Platia Food Truck serves up traditional Greek fare to the people of Charleston. Eat like a god and try a gyro or souvlaki!


Rolled Quesadillas

These delicious rolled quesadillas are each packed with fresh quality ingredients. From the Carne Asada with caramelized red onions to the Black Bean with savory sweet potatoes, every tasty treat they offer is equally crave-able.  For a mobile meal that you will leave you raving, come on out and get yourself some Rolled Quesadillas!


HobaBoba Tea (Bubble)

Adults and children all around Charleston are invited to come to this truck to choose their favorite flavor and then choose the perfect chewies in order to create a refreshing and heavenly Hoba Boba creation.

There’s Taro, Coffee, Honey Green Tea, Brown Sugar, and Honeydew too (and these are only a few!) and then for the chewies, you’ve got original tapioca pearls, and a fruity selection of jellies and popping pearls as well.