Soundwave’s BEST OF CHARLESTON PARTY Coming April 22nd!


Soundwave Wants to THANK YOU



Earlier this year, Soundwave Comics was nominated for "Best Comic Book Store" in the Charleston City Newspaper's annual reader poll! We asked all of you to show your support and vote for us as your favorite comic book store in town! We have no idea if we've won or not, but we don't care... Even if we don't, we want to at least show everyone our appreciation for voting, and shopping with us in general, by throwing a HUGE PARTY, just for you, and throw it OLD-SCHOOL SOUNDWAVE STYLE!

You getting what we're putting down?

Yup! After MUCH demand, we're BRINGING BACK our signature Soundwave Comics party attractions: COSTUME CONTEST & AUCTION!

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves...


In two Saturdays, April 22nd, we'll be teaming up with Scott Cave's Comics & Sports Cards to throw our Best of Charleston Party at The American Legion Post in Summerville. We're doing this up BIG! And to prove how serious we are about giving you guys the best time you could ask for, we've got plenty of attractions and guests coming that are gonna fill up your day!



Christine Brunson



We've got local comic book creator Christine Brunson, who is known for her creator-owned title Undead Norm, and the
soon-to-debut (And ALREADY sold-out) Amazing Age mini-series!
Community-based organization You-Niversal Nerd will be joining us, as well.
Local comic book vendor, Amazing Entertainment will be joining us.
You'll find local gaming shop Starlite Gaming there!
Local artist and cosplayer, Cut It Out Comics & Cosplay will be there. Little Xio is the creative force behind Cut It Out!
Get excited for local graffiti artist Proton Factories (Ask him about Neal Adams)!
Don't miss out on painter and artist power-couple Tim and Leigh Showers!
Illustrator and comic artist Alex Smith brings his vivid style to the event!
Selling Young Living products, we'll have vendor Karyn Meadows there!
The Lowcountry Lego Builders will be there, too!


Alex Smith

Alex Smith


Little Xio

And we have food truck vendors coming, too! We've got Dig 17A arriving in the early afternoon, along with The Immortal Lobster later in the day! Some good eating's, for sure!

This isn't the first time Soundwave Comics has been nominated for best comic book store for The City Paper’s "Best of Charleston" but we've never really taken it seriously before this year. Not because we don't think we don't deserve it, but because we never thought we had a real chance.
However, the store is at the biggest it's ever been right now, and with us completely delving into comics, we figured it was about time we start trying. And boy, has it been a pleasure for us to serve you guys. We were OVERWHELMED by your show of love and support. Whether we won or not, we wanted to celebrate the atmosphere and community you guys have fostered here with us because YOU GUYS are what makes us The Best Comic Book Store In Charleston.

Again, we'll be holding it at The American Legion Post, located at 105 Sumter Ave., Summerville, S.C. 29483 on Saturday, April 22nd. Come out and join us for the day, and have some fun done in the only way Soundwave knows how to do it!

Below, check out our full event schedule for the party!

You're not gonna want to miss any of the cool events

we've got going on throughout the day...!

The Day's Schedule 2