Soundwave’s Black Friday Sale Highlights!



  • Funko Pop Vinyl Figures- $5.00 a piece! (50% off!)
  • X-Men by Grant Morrison Bundle (Trade Paperbacks Vol. 1-8) – $59.99 (50% off  cover price + layaway available)
  • Batman: Arkham City Action Figures- $7.99 (over 60% off!)
  • Marvel Select Action Figures- $19.99 (save 20% off)
  • Variant Cover Comics- 25% off sticker price
  • Bagged Sets- 25% off sticker price
  • Walking Dead: Daryl and Merle Action Figure 2 pack- $19.99 (save $10)
  • Walking Dead: Action Figure singles- $9.99 (save $6 each)
  • Walking Dead: Lunch Box- $9.99 (save $5)
  • Posters- $5.00 each (excludes Walking Dead items)
  • Hardcover Books- Select Marvel & DC titles starting at just $6.00 each (save up to 80%)
  • Trade Paperbacks- Select Marvel & DC titles starting at just $4.00 each (save up to 85%)
  • My Little Pony Treasury Edition- $6.00 (save 40%)
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth 2 figure pack with book- $19.99 (save $25)
  • Dynamite Trades: Select titles up to 80% off
  • Zenescope Comic-Con Exclusive Variant Comics & Art Books: 50% off sticker price
  • Black Friday Exclusive Shirt Deal: Wear your Soundwave shirt on Friday or buy a Soundwave shirt at the counter to pick one select Marvel Premium hardcover book ($19.99- $29.99) for just $5.00!!! Your Soundwave shirt can save you up to $25 on this one deal alone. New “shirt deals” every week for our loyal Soundwave friends and customers.

We will open at 11 AM on Friday and have regular hours throughout the weekend. ALL deals are first come, first served and are while supplies last. Limited quantities on some items.  The deals listed above are just a few highlights of the many Black Friday deals we have planned! Come see us on Friday for the best selection and savings!

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