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Hey, folks, Comic Book John here with a brand-new, weekly, feature for our website that will highlight, for you guys, the cool, new stuff we've got in the store that we want you all to check out! Every week, on Tuesday, we'll have a new article showing items that we've bought, traded for, and received on consignment. We're always buying and trading with people and there's always one thing, or another, that sticks out.  From older, or landmark comics, to amazingly-crafted statues, we've got things for any and all collectors, no matter the preference! And we want to make sure you're all aware that they're available to you!

So, without further ado....

Soundwave Presents



Savage She-Hulk & Cybercop




We have available a new item on consignment: Heavy Metal Cyber Cop Statue. $200.00 or best offer.

Heavy Metal Magazine is the World's Foremost Adult Illustrated Fantasy magazine. The first in their series of sexy Heavy Metal girls is.......the Cybercop!   

Inspired by the cover artwork brilliantly created by Alex Horley for the January 2003 edition of Heavy Metal Magazine, featuring Heavy Metal cover model Stacy E. Walker. 

Cybercop is presented in glorious 1:4 scale and stands an impressive 20" tall! On patrol sometime in the future, she is depicted gun in hand ridding the world of Alien scum - one Alien at a time!

Dimensions:    20" Tall Approx.

Edition Size: 600 Pieces Worldwide

This consignment item comes complete with box packaging. Labeled as statue #137. Statue and box show some slight wear. Ebay listings start at $300 and up. We have a great price for a beautiful collectible. Please inquire if interested!



We have a new item on consignment: 

Marvel : Women of Marvel Savage She-Hulk Comiquette $499.99 or best offer.

Celebrating the Women of Marvel cover art series is Sideshow's Women of Marvel: Savage She-Hulk Comiquette based on the stunning work of comic artist Jelena Djurdjevic. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Sideshow's Women of Marvel: Savage She-Hulk Comiquette is an outstanding addition to any collection, perfect for any Marvel display.
Hand numbered
#54/1000. Comes complete with packaging box. Statue and box show some wear but are in overall great shape. Inquire if interested! 

The Amazing Spider-Man #361

The First Appearance of Carnage


We feel this is the BEST copy, of this particular issue that we've EVER had at Soundwave! We're REALLY excited to be able to offer it to you!

If we're unable to sell it, we may have it sent off to have it CGC'ed ourselves!

In its perfect condition, the piece is going for $75.00, here, at Soundwave! It's definitely worth it!

There's no curves or dings in the spine, or corners, there's no water damage, no NOTHIN'! And, on top of all of that? It has beautiful, pristine white pages for a book of its age!


The Dark Knight Returns #2 & #3

CBCS Graded




Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns was one of the major industry-shaking graphic novels of the 1980's. It ran for four issues, and we happen to have two of them here, at the store, CBCS graded!

This copy of The Dark Knight Returns #2 is CBCS graded at a 9.4 and is running for $60.00. This issue was the first appearance of the character of Carrie Kelly, who takes on the role of Batman's sidekick Robin in this adventure. It also has the first appearance of the Joker of Frank Miller's Dark Knight universe.


Here, we have The Dark Knight Returns #3, at an 8.5 grading. It's running at $50.00, and features the death of The Joker and the first appearance of the Superman that exists in Frank Miller's Dark Knight universe.

If you buy both, together, you can save $10 and get them both for $99.99!



Batman Action Figures


We've got a BATMAN:  ICE CANNON MR. FREEZE figure, which comes with a special edition Batman #608 comic book. It's new, in-package, with some corner wear on the packaging, and is just $14.99

Then, we have The Batman Bane figure, from the 2004 animated series The Batman. It's $11.99, and also shows some slight corner wear.

We buy action figures and statues, both in-package and loose. Turn those unwanted action figures into cash or store credit!



The Incredible Hulks #635

CGC Signature Series 9.8

Signed by Mark Ruffalo, who portrayed Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Marvel's The Avengers films, and Hulk creator Stan Lee, with picture proof of the signatures, along with a certificate of authenticity.

We are currently selling this piece for $399.99. Ask about layaway options to add this amazing signed piece to your collection!


Uncanny X-Men #282

First Appearance of Bishop


One of the greatest, and most popular X-Men characters to come out of the 90's was BISHOP.

Here, we have his first appearance, in Uncanny X-Men #282, going for just $12.00! 

Thor: Ragnarok Collection

Thor #582-587

One of the most important Thor stories RAGNAROK helped lay the groundwork for The Avengers: Disassembled, along with the Marvel Comics shake-up event, CIVIL WAR. Marvel Studios is now turning this landmark Thor arc into a live-action film, coming in 2017, as part of the Thor film series. Soundwave has the entire story, collected, for just $65.00! You do not want to miss out on having this 6 piece set in your Marvel Comics collection!


Master Chief & Cortana POP! Vinyl Figures



11248161_938048746256390_5698699289416376071_n (1)



This Halo 4 POP! figure is #3 in the set. This is one of the rarest, and most hard to find POP! Vinyl figures out there, retired and vaulted by Funko. 

It's loose, but in GREAT shape and is going for $25.



The same goes for Cortana. She's #4 in the HALO 4 set, and is incredibly hard to find. She's also running for $25, but if you'd like to get both POP! figures, you can save $10.00 and get them for just $40.00, here, at Soundwave!


We get stuff ALL the time!
The stuff, above, isn't everything. With the small amount of cool, exciting expensive pieces, there's of course the fun, cheaper pieces, as well!

Such pieces include these great, old school Silver Age JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA comics, all of which are going for just $1.00! And there's plenty more where these came from!



11828816_938052036256061_4369769425027013650_nJustice League of America #173


11825711_938054566255808_6554566183739857372_nJustice League of America #175


11781725_938054659589132_2705035965816825372_nJustice League of America #180


11828837_938054696255795_1318986113163450035_nJustice League of America #183


11836625_938054779589120_8796560013644721557_nJustice League of America #186


11695947_938054812922450_6339247016965492251_nJustice League of America #187


11831749_938054869589111_3090782640443862574_nJustice League of America #188


11217979_938054906255774_6441775635208830024_nJustice League of America #189


11816862_938054932922438_8849009592265859979_nJustice League of America #191


11796401_938054969589101_6992381313943333674_nJustice League of America #192