Soundwave’s Epic Intergalactic Mid Summer ‘Splosion Extravaganza!

Attention all time lords, monsters, and robots!!!

It’s time for another Soundwave party! We know you’re excited, so we want all of you to get your companion, hop in your TARDIS, and come to Soundwave on July 20th for the party of the millennium! We want you all to participate in the costume contest. Your costume doesn’t have to be Doctor Who related, but we’d love to see some Doctors, River, a weeping angel or two, & we’re even inviting the daleks! We all love time travel, so don’t be afraid to dress up as someone the doctor has visited throughout the ages. We’re also going to be having an auction, so be sure to bring your five best pieces to Soundwave by Thursday the 18th. Drinks and light refreshments will be available as always. It’s a party sure to be as cool as bow ties; don’t miss it!!


Check out the Event page here!






There is parking behind the building, next door at Charleston Angler, and across the street at the Wholesale Carpet Dealer! Also if you want a guaranteed place to sit, B.Y.O.C – Bring your own chair!!!!


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