Soundwave’s MARVELOUS MINI-CON 2015, A Look Back…

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This past Saturday, June the 27th, was Soundwave's very first Marvelous Mini-Con!

Wednesday, June 24th, Marvel Comics released their SECRET WARS tie-in, X-MEN '92 #1, which is loosely based on the classic 1990's X-Men animated series that we all love. For our Mini-Con, we were joined by the writers Chris Sims and Chad Bowers. They signed copies of X-MEN '92 #1 for our customers, and came to meet everyone and participate in our Mini-Con activities.


Our orders for X-MEN '92 #2 are due Monday, July 6th.

We want to show Chris and Chad continued support on the title

by ordering big numbers!

If you liked issue #1, please add X-MEN '92 to your subscription.

If you want to make sure you get a copy, hit us up either by e-

mail or by phone to secure one!





I've only been working here, at Soundwave, for a couple of months, so I can't say, really, what the gravitas of this event was compared to events, of this nature, in years past, but I can tell 'ya, this is an event I'm gonna remember for the rest of my life. Putting this one together was a lot more work than Free Comic Book Day, and there was a bit more stress, with a lot riding against us. But, I think it all really paid off. When we came down to the final hours, we were all tired and exhausted, but we knew we had accomplished something awesome. We got the store cleaned, cleared up some space, and got our "Convention Center" up and running!

We were on our way to kicking this thing's butt!



I couldn't sleep for the life of me, and, apparently no one else could, either.

We all had the "Pre-Con Jitters". 

But, I managed to wake up earlier than I had planned, I was so antsy, even if incredibly tired. In week's past, Reggie had been trying to keep himself energized with some Monsters, so, I took that into consideration and actually had my first Monster in years. After that, man, I was ready!
Got to work an hour before the Con. began, and we already had two people in line. THAT immediately had me excited! If these guys felt the need to show up that early? How many other people are bound to come? Especially with it raining that same morning...! After getting into the main store, and getting a bit settled with the team, I had to just see what the convention center looked like, as I missed out on seeing it the day before, and I was taken away. I didn't have any doubts, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. It looked really good, and I was just excited about people seeing what we had gotten done!

10 o'clock came faster than we expected, and the day was ready to start!

We had two lines at both stores, which was awesome. There were still things to take care of, like there were still plenty of certificates to be signed. But, it was all good, we had this! And, once we had the doors open, and the lines came in, more people began to show up, and we were doing GREAT! It seemed that there were a lot more people over in the convention center, but we still had plenty of traffic coming back and forth between the two locations. There were a LOT of new faces, and a lot of old faces, returning to show their support.
The crowds weren't as big as the Free Comic Book Day crowd, like we had hoped. But, it was big enough to keep us busy the whole day.
Blaine and I had the floor at the main store, discussing deals and event activities with our customers. Greg had register, while Holly floated between two locations, and helped with sales.
We probably went strong for a good three hours or so, and then the AC went out at the convention center.




The issue came to the point where they needed me to get any and all fans from home and bring to the convention center before everyone gets burned out of the store.
Just as I leave, I see my dad heading into the convention center, himself, to get his copy singed by Chris and Chad.
So, I hurry home, get the fans, head back to work, and get the fans set up.

While talking to my dad about what was going down that day, I'm told what the situation is with the AC. My dad overheard it and decided to help us keep the show on the road. He got his book signed, headed home, and brought back his shop vac. to help us get the AC working again. I was going back and forth, then, trying to help my dad, and make sure Greg and Blaine had back-up. It was probably another hour or two before it started raining, and my dad had to stop where had gotten to, but there wasn't much more he could do. But, we definitely couldn't thank him enough for all of his help!




From there, though, things seem to start working back out. We got more people walking in, the heat was letting up in the convention center, and things were going off without a hitch!
I finally got around to meeting Chris and Chad, and got my copies signed by them. If anything, that's going to be something I'll always remember. These guys were so cool, and funny, and they were down for anything. Not only did they sign my copies, but Chad drew me a Magneto on one of my backer boards, and even drew a Spider-Man on the back of my blank cover. They were cracking jokes, and sharing awesome comic knowledge, and were just, all-around, great to talk to.

It took us forever to get the writers on break, but we finally got them out, and we started gearing up for the costume contest! Chris and Chad had agreed to judge the contest, where Xio Sosa won Best Overall for her Hawkgirl cosplay. After that, we moved on to the Q&A with Chris and Chad. Later, they'd tell Greg and I that this was the best crowd they had attend. The Q&A was definitely a blast, they gave advice and had some amazing insight, and told us some great stores about how they got into the comic book industry, and what inspired them. That was definitely a blast with their off-the-wall humor and fun personalities.
They were followed-up by our local stand-up comedians, all of whom were met with some great laughs and responses.

In between that and the karaoke, we announced our winners for our raffles.

I had been down at the main store, to hang out a bit with Chris, Chad, and Greg. They had finished signing the rest of the copies that we had left over, and they were just having a blast, looking around our store. We still had people coming into the store, too, buying more stuff. Once alone, Greg and I got Chris and Chad to actually leave behind their autographs on our ceiling tile.

We capped the night off with karaoke, hosted by Reggie. That was tons of fun, and Chris and Chad got in on it with us. For legal Marvel reasons, though, I'm not allowed to talk about the songs they sang, or the intensity they sang them at. And that took us off to the end of the night.......



Overall, I think this we event went great. It was definitely not Free Comic Book Day-level like we had hoped, but I definitely had a lot of fun, even when things went wrong. Things got done, and we really did kick its butt! We got a lot of work done, and a lot accomplished, and I can't really complain about the turn-out, myself.

To finish, I just want to express to everyone my pleasure and

honor to be a part of the Soundwave team.

I can't thank Greg and Holly more for bringing me on board and

letting me take part in these monumental events in Soundwave's

ever-growing history. They're the best friends and co-workers

that I could have ever asked for, and I don't look to be going

anywhere for a while.

I haven't felt this accomplished, and this

important before, and there's no end to the good feelings I get

working here. I look forward, so much, to the next major event

we have, and I look forward to continuing my part, here, at

Soundwave Comics, and making a bit of my mark here.


We had a blast, and we hope you guys did, too! 
We're hoping to have Chris and Chad back, and we're looking at this as the event to take us to the next level!

We'll see 'ya at the next one!