Soundwave’s MARVELOUS MINI-CON Deals & Sales Announcement!

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This Saturday, June 27th, is Soundwave's MARVELOUS MINI-CON!

We're hoping this event will be our biggest one, yet, and we're hoping everyone has a lot of fun with it!
We're having Chris Sims and Chad Bowers join us on that day, meeting everyone and signing everybody's copies of their new Marvel Comics title, X-MEN '92 #1, based on the hit 90's X-MEN cartoon.

The #1 comes out  this week, Wednesday, June 24th, and there are four different covers that will be available to make bundle deals. We will have several different bundle deals that you can choose from, ranging from $9.99 and up!
You're definitely going to want to get in on these deals, and get them signed by Chris & Chad!

To check out the variant covers, and our exclusive deals, click


Regular Cover

We will have two different stores open, from 10am: Our main store, and our "Party Store", which we used back during Free Comic Book Day. At both stores, we will have plenty of - ONE DAY ONLY - sales and deals for everyone to get in on! With the new X-Men title being Marvel's "90's-est" series, the theme of the day is definitely going to be 90's, and that goes for our sales, too!

Marvelous Mini-Con, ONE DAY ONLY, Sales and Deals!

"Party Store"

  • 10,000+ back issues at JUST $.99 cents, each!

    • OVER 40 LONG BOXES to dig through!

    • NO LIMIT! Buy AS MANY AS YOU WANT for $.99 cents!

  • Huge Hardcover & Trade Paperback Sale (75% off) 

    • ALL hardcover books, JUST $7.99 EACH!

    • ALL trade paperbacks, 3 for JUST $14.99!

  • Select MARVEL MASTERWORKS (Up to 60% off)

    • $9.99, each

  • DC Comics Collectible Promo Packs ($4.99 a pack)

    • Batman/Harley Quinn masks

    • Batman schematics

    • JLA Poster

    • Starfire Post Card

    • ETC.

  • Select T-Shirts (Up to 50% off)

    • $11.99, each, or 2 for $19.99

  • Funko POP! Vinyls (Up to 25% off)

    • $7.99, each, or 2 for $14.99

Main Store

  • Loose, current, comics on the "Big Wall"

    • 25% off!


  • Back-Issue Boxes (Bagged & taped comics - No boards)

    • 50% off!

  • Collector Comics (Bagged, taped, & boarded comics)

    • 25% off!

  • Variant Covers

    • 25% off!

  • Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks

    • 25% off!

  • Select T-Shirts (Up to 50% off)

    • $11.99, EACH, or 2 for $19.99.

  • Funko POP! Vinyls (Up to 25% off)

    • $7.99, EACH, or 2 for $14.99

  • Select Toys, Statues, and Action Figures (Up to 50% off)

    • Priced as marked.