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New Comic Day 02/05/20 – Canopus is coming and it’s a rage’r next week…

COMING SOON…. on 02/12/2020 BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR CANOPUS #1 SCOUT COMICS (W/A/CA) Dave Chisholm Helen wakes up marooned on a… more »

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New Comic Day 05/15/19 at Soundwave

  IMMORTAL HULK #17 (W) Al Ewing (A) Joe Bennett (CA) Alex Ross • Bruce Banner is trapped inside Shadow Base Site A –  powerless… more »

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Marvel’s Inhumanity Event!

    Whats Next? Inhumanity #2 Her throne is ashes. Her husband—presumed dead. Now, faced with a kingdom teetering on the brink of… more »

Collector's Corner

Soundwave’s Guide to All-New Marvel Now!

It seems just yesterday we here at Soundwave were anticipating the not-quite-reboot Marvel Now!, where most of Marvel’s ongoing titles were relaunched with… more »

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Marvel’s Avengers Assemble vs. Dracula!

The Biggest Heroes. The Biggest Threats. The Biggest Stakes! It’s the most anticipated new animated series to launch this year and this Sunday, Marvel’s… more »