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New Comic Day 6-27-18 Newsletter

Join Soundwave on Wednesday July 4th for the Bat-Cat wedding!  Just 2 weeks away! Wedding Day Activities include: Celebratory cupcakes and decorations! A… more »

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New Battles Are Fought in The World of SECRET WARS! A New Saga Begins in the Star Wars Universe! Zim Invades Comics With… more »

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Zim Invades Soundwave in INVADER ZIM #1!

  Jhonen Vasquez is back, and he’s brought his most famous creation with him to Oni Press for an all-new on-going series!  … more »

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NEWSLETTER for May 13th!

BOOM! Studios and Marvel are presenting a GREAT week in comics! And Soundwave’s got some SPECIAL offers for everyone! BOOM! Studios presents a… more »

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NEWSLETTER for April 29, 2015

It’s a big week for finales! Time Runs Out for the Marvel Universe in THE AVENGERS#44 and THE NEW AVENGERS#33, and The Joker’s… more »