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Comic Book John here, giving you your double dose of Collector's Corner this week!

This past weekend just warranted an early Collector's Corner, as we had just came into possession of some early and key, landmark Walking Dead comic book issues! Plus, there were some other things that we were extremely excited to share, too. Of course, there's always something around here that we've bought or traded, or put on consignment, that we will always think warrants a new installment of The Collector's Corner, so we figured it wouldn't hurt to do two for you guys, to cover this week!

If you haven't seen Saturday's Collector's Corner, click HERE.

So, "What is The Collector's Corner?", you may ask if this is the first one you've seen......

Every week, on Tuesday, we'll have a new article showing items that we've bought, traded for, and received on consignment. We're always buying and trading with people and there's always one thing, or another, that sticks out.  From older, or landmark comics, to amazingly-crafted statues, we've got things for any and all collectors, no matter the preference! And we want to make sure you're all aware that they're available to you!

So, what else, this week, do we have at the store we highly suggest you come and check out?


New POP! Vinyl Figures Come to Soundwave!


We pride ourselves on a lot of things, here at Soundwave. Our customer service, our comic book selection, and our large selection of POP! vinyl figures.

This week, we got in a WHOLE SLEW of brand-new POP! figures, ranging from Universal Monsters to Marvel Universe characters. Here, we wanted to share some of the ones we know YOU guys would definitely want to get in on on your next visit to the store!


Games: SKYRIM - Daedric Warrior (+ More Aldun)

This week, we got in a shipment of six Daedric Warrior POP! figures from the hit video game SKYRIM, of the Elder Scrolls series. We've had a couple of Skyrim figures hit our shelves over the last couple of months, and they've sold like CRAZY! We still three left of the Dovahkin POP! figures. This week, we also got in three more Alduin dragon POP! figures. As usual, regular-sized POP!'s are $9.99, while POP!'s like Alduin are $19.99. 




Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Head: ANT-MAN

Another great collector's piece, just in time for the hype of the hit movie, Marvel's ANT-MAN! We've gotten six of these in, based on the now-iconic look of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Ant-Man costume, worn in the film by Paul Rudd, who portrayed legacy Ant-Man Scott Lang in the movie. This fun little collectible can be yours for just $11.99.

We also still have two of the Star-Lord Wacky Wobbler figures, as well! So, get those while they're still here! Those are, also, $11.99.

Harry Potter: Ron Weasley

These Harry Potter POP!'s are taking their time to get in here!

We've finally got Ron Weasley in the store, to further help complete your guys' Harry Potter POP! collections. We don't yet have Dumbledor or Hermoine, but hang in there, they'll be here SOON ENOUGH!

And for those who didn't know, we have the bulk of the Harry Potter POP! collection, here, at the store! We have Harry, Snape, Hagrid, and Voldemort. If you haven't got them, yet, then come on in and grab them while they're still here! We've only got a few more left in stock! And when they're gone, they're gone! All regular POP!'s are $9.99, but the Hagrid POP! is $16.99.




DC Comics Superheroes: Harley Quinn

One of DC's breakout characters, HARLEY QUINN has made it to the store in POP! vinyl form! Based on her roller Harley look from her hit comic book series, this POP! is perfect for any Harley Quinn fan. We only have six of these, and they're bound to sell out QUICK! So, don't be a slow-poke, GET YOURS NOW! They're only $9.99! How can you not agree to a price like that, for something that's definitely going to become a sought-after collector's item!??

Disney: Rapunzel & Pascal

For both Disney Princess fans, Disney fans in general, or just fans of the hit Disney film TANGLED, we've got in a brand-new POP! vinyl figure based on the main character of Rapunzel, along with her pet iguana Pascal, which inspired our pet iguana tape dispenser, Pascal. And even with the extra little Pascal, this POP! is still just $9.99! Now, you can have your VERY OWN Pascal! You can't have OURS, though. No matter how tempting the offer!

We also still have in a couple of Maximus POP! figures, as well. And for those fans of Frozen, we've still got some Elsa and Anna figures, too!


11144444_944581022269829_3024067025900415592_nSome of the most popular Marvel Universe characters have made it to our POP! selection! These are SURE to sell-out!



Marvel Universe: Agent Carter  - Agent Peggy Carter

Probably one of the breakout characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agent Peggy Carter finally gets her very own POP! vinyl figure! Modeled after the stunning actress Hayley Atwell, who portrayed Captain America's love interest in Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier, along with this year's The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, and the hit series Agent Carter on ABC, which is going into its second season in the winter, this is sure to be a hot piece for every POP! and Marvel collector! Especially with her coming back to the big screen, next year in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War! DON'T MISS OUT on getting this figure for your collection, as we've only got six of these! Better get them, now, before they're all gone!

Marvel Universe: Deadpool

Speaking of hot characters getting their own movie within the next year, we've finally got in the DEADPOOL POP! vinyls! This character's popularity has exploded in the last couple of years, and it's lead 20th Century Fox Studios finally delivering on a live-action Deadpool movie, coming in February. Everyone's favorite Merc With a Mouth can be yours for just $9.99! We've only got six left! And, if you still haven't, check out the Deadpool Chimichanga Truck POP! figure, as well! We've sold the bulk of them, but we may still have one or two left for whoever is still looking to get one of their own!

Hurry, though! This is definitely one that won't be on our shelves for long!



Marvel Universe: Silver Surfer

Among some of the great Marvel POP! figures that we got today was the Sentinel of the Spaceways, himself, Norin Rad, the SILVER SURFER! Unlike our other figures, he's not getting a movie anytime soon, but that shouldn't deter any excitement you should have to get this cool-looking figure into your collection! Mounted to his board, the Silver Surfer is probably one of the more unique-looking figures we have. It's just $9.99, and we've only got six here, at the store, so don't miss out on these, either! 

11855786_944583502269581_7848124307469947540_n"Agent Carter, can we be your new Agents of SHIELD?"


And, speaking of some great, popular characters, let's give it up for our some of our favorite movie monsters!


We've got in all of your favorite movie monsters, both POP! vinyl figures, and POP! vinyl keychains! The regular POP! figures are, as usual, $9.99, and the keychains are $5.99. You can get matching Jason and Freddy figures and keychains! 

11889634_944583982269533_2754693088440031029_nOn the subject of monsters, for you fans of CLASSIC monsters, we've got Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Creature of the Black Lagoon, and Wolfman! We also have the Munsters!




Kotobukaia Fine Art Psylocke Statue


Part of our consignment pieces is this beautifully-crafted Kotobukaia statue of fan-favorite X-Man Psylocke! This statue sees her in her classic 90's look, which she donned in her starring appearance in Uncanny X-Force, a few years back. You can have this piece for $149.99! This is the only one we have, so grab it while you can!



X-Men: Children of the Atom - Famous Cover Series, Wolverine

Based on his classic brown costume, this Wolverine figure is definitely a collector's item you're going to want! We've only got one of these, through trade, it's from 1999, is eight inches, and has an "authentic" fabric costume, and a removable mask. It has some wear, but has never been opened. For this, it's going for $16.00! Who can argue with that price for this cool piece?


JLA: Green Lantern

We've got this awesome, fully-poseable, Green Lantern figure! Modeled after Kyle Reyner's look from the hit 90's JLA comic book series, this figure has an authentic fabric costume and he comes with a gun and an power battery. This figure is from 1998 and is something we've gotten through trade. We've got it at $15.00. It's the only one we have, and may be the great start to an interesting collection, or could finish one you may have! 




ArtFX+ Statue 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted Catwoman, Base Signed by Camren Bicondova + Certificate of Authenticity

We've got this beautifully-crafted ArtFX Catwoman statue at the store, signed by actress Camren Bicondova, who plays a young Selina Kyle, before she became Catwoman, in the hit FOX TV series GOTHAM. The base of the statue is signed, and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, showing her signing it. It's from Celebrity Authentics and we've got it for $175.00! 

We also still have that Agent Phil Coulson Agents of SHIELD POP! signed by Clark Greg, with a Certificate of Authenticity from Celeberty Authentics, as well, at $89.99! So, come get that while it's still here!


Marvel Universe: Goliath vs. Thor AF 2-pack

We've got an older Marvel Universe action figure at the store, a Wal-Mart exclusive, two-pack that contains both Goliath, and the android/clone of Thor from the momentous battle in Civil War, which ended in Goliath's demise. This piece's packaging is a little beat-up, and it's incomplete, not coming with the Civil War #4 comic that the box promises. We're asking for $24.99 on this two-pack. 



And, that's all for this week! Keep and eye out every couple of days for these articles, as we try to showcase, and bring to your guys' attention, the interesting and cool stuff we're getting at the store every week!

And there's more where that came from!

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