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Hey, everyone, Comic Book John's back with this week's COLLECTOR'S CORNER!

And, just for a final reminder, here's what The Collector's Corner is......

Every week, on Tuesday, we'll have a new article showing items that we've bought, traded for, and received on consignment. We're always buying and trading with people and there's always one thing, or another, that sticks out.  From older, or landmark comics, to amazingly-crafted statues, we've got things for any and all collectors, no matter the preference! And we want to make sure you're all aware that they're available to you!


Let's start off strong with some BATMAN merch!

Ever wondered what our 75 Years of Batman Action Figure Collector Set is? We're sure you've probably seen it over by our selection of Batman statues, situated above our POP!'s. Well, we've decided to display what's inside on this week's Collector's Corner, so you guys can be aware as to what kind of awesome get this is, if you come in and pick it up from us!



11181306_947781861949745_3976374778189899281_nGolden Age


11891253_947781928616405_1034900412080318945_nPre-Bat-Mania Silver Age


11896025_947782041949727_1515580846493992068_nJim Lee/Modern


11899949_947782098616388_2799697464590688207_nArkham Origins


Now, you all know what's in the cool-looking mystery Batman box!

This set can be yours for just $79.99! Don't miss out, either, we've only got ONE set! And we can't get ANY MORE after this one's gone!

DC Direct - Cover Girls of the DC Universe: BATGIRL

Next up, we've got this beautifully-crafted Batgirl statue! Based on the artwork by Adam Hughs, we see Batgirl having a bit of a gadget malfunction... This statue is on sale at just $79.99! You save $20!

We've only got one of her left, so don't hesitate to get her, or even hit us up to have her held for you! This is a collector's item you don't want to miss out on having!




The Dark Knight Rises Batman Icon Statue

Love The Dark Knight Trilogy? On consignment, we have this Batman statue, based on the look from The Dark Knight Rises, molded to look like actor Christian Bale in the iconic film costume. It's a 1:6 scale Batman icon statue, and we've got it at the price of $100, even! 

Christian Bale portrayed the role of Gotham City vigilante Batman, and his eccentric billionaire playboy alter ego of Bruce Wayne, in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, from 2005-2012. These films also gave us some of the most iconic interpretations of classic Batman villains, such as Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Bane, and most prominently The Joker.




The Complete Trade Paperback Set

Vol. 1-9

Here, at Soundwave, we've got the COMPLETE Preacher trade paperback collection on our shelves! And with the TV series hitting AMC's airwaves in the next year or so, you're gonna want to grab these and catch up to get ready for what could very well be one of the most blasphemous TV shows, to date!


Preacher follows the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher in the small Texan town of Annville who is accidentally possessed by a supernatural demon/angel creature known only as Genesis. This turns Jesse into, possibly the most powerful being in the universe, and he sets out across the United States, driven by his newfound knowledge of right and wrong to, literally, find God, - Who abandoned heaven when Genesis was born - and learn more about his supernatural powers.

All nine volumes collects the main 66 issues of the series, along with the five specials, and the four-issue mini-series "Saint of Killers".

The series and characters were created by both the great Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon!


The TV series being developed for AMC is being produced by Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin, and Seth Rogan (Yes, THE Seth Rogan), the latter of the three is also writing the pilot, alongside Evan Goldberg. So, we're sure in for an interesting treat, there! With that, the character of Jesse Custer will be played by none other than Dominic Cooper, best known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the father of Tony Stark, himself, Howard Stark in the film Captain America: The First Avenger, the Marvel One-Shot short-film "Agent Carter", along with the spin-off TV series Marvel's Agent Carter, on ABC.


Below, you can see each of the individual covers of the trade paperback volumes, along with the issues each volume collects...

Retail value of all 9 volumes, together is $150, BUT we'll be doing a Collector's Corner special sale! The first person to give us $99.99 gets the entire collection! That's almost 30% off!

11933467_947782815282983_1140758931078428059_nVolume 1: "Gone to Texas"



11889564_947783001949631_4706171099113589697_nVolume 2: "Until The End of The World"



11900081_947783118616286_6174622235944312100_nVolume 3: "Proud Americans"



11915110_947783198616278_418943629540802015_nVolume 4: "Ancient History"

(Saint of Killers#1-4; Special: "The Story of You-Know-Who"; Special: "The Good Old Boys")


11902466_947783228616275_4185811807652884216_nVolume 5: "Dixie Fried"

(#27-33; Special: Cassiday - Blood & Whisky)


11219590_947783295282935_6419406401039944566_nVolume 6: "War in the Sun"

(#34-40; Special: "One Man's War")


11918947_947783378616260_8291351910198185242_nVolume 7: "Salvation"



11050097_947783478616250_5776785536302608952_nVolume 8: "All Hell's A-Coming"

(#51-58; Special: "Tall in the Saddle")


11954781_947783681949563_2307901212165949868_nVolume 9: "Alamo"




The Complete Trade Paperback Set

Vol. 1-7 

10653299_947783888616209_6707593792040489569_nAnd while we're talking about complete Vertigo TP sets, we've also got in the complete THE INVISIBLES series in trade paperback form! All three series, all 59 issues, in their entirety!



Created by comic book superstar writer Grant Morrison, the plot follows a single cell of The Invisible College, a secret organization battling against physical and psychic oppression using time travel, magic, meditation, and physical violence.[2]

For most of the series, the team includes leader King Mob; Lord Fanny, a transgender Brazilian shaman; Boy, a former member of the NYPD; Ragged Robin, a telepath with a mysterious past; and Jack Frost, a young hooligan from Liverpool who may be the next Buddha. Their enemies are the Archons of the Outer Church, inter-dimensional alien gods who have already enslaved most of the human race without their knowledge.

Below, you can check out each individual cover of the series, along with the issues of the series they each collect.

At retail price, the total cost of all of these books, together is $135. BUT, for our Collector's Corner special sale, the FIRST PERSON to bring us $60 gets all seven trades! That's like getting three of the trades, and the other four for FREE, saving you $65!

11951360_947783965282868_5971957818746689636_nVolume 1: "Say You Want to Have a Revolution"

(Vol. 1, #1-8)


11937432_947784028616195_7480246902581664220_nVolume 2: "Apocalypstick"

(Vol. 1, #9-16)

11951797_947784138616184_4611424387879141723_nVolume 3: "Entropy in the UK"

(Vol. 1, #17-25)


11903924_947784218616176_1118065800407363227_nVolume 4: "Bloody Hell in America"

(Vol. 2, #1-4)


11913975_947784898616108_453893411735043409_nVolume 5: "Counting to None"

(Vol. 2, #5-13)


11903765_947784968616101_3521306693972197218_nVolume 6: "Kissing Mister Quimper"

(Vol. 2, #14-22)


11951828_947785091949422_8241972336062226602_nVolume 7: "The Invisible Kingdom"

(Vol. 3, #12-1)


KOTOBUKIYA Star Wars Saga Series Luke Skywalker (EP5 Ver.)

Something we definitely don't have enough of are some awesome pieces of Star Wars merch on these Collector's Corners!

So, let's change that now!

We recently just got in this fantastic Kotobukiya Star Wars Saga Series Luke Skywalker model kit, modeled after Mark Hamill's appearance in Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!

It's a 1/7 scale, pre-painted soft vinyl snap-fit statue. Once put together, you can either have Luke carrying his blaster, with his lightsaber safely holstered on his belt, or you can have it the other way around, with his iconic lightsaber ignited and ready for battle! 

This imported figure can be yours for just $69.99! And we've only got one! Come in and get it before it's gone!



STAR WARS: The Black Series - #01, Luke Skywalker

Furthermore, to make up for not having enough Star Wars merch on these lists, we've also come into some original Black Series Star Wars action figures.

Of these fantastically-crafted figures is #01, Luke Skywalker. This figure is modeled after Mark Hamill's look from the final act of A New Hope, when he took flight in his iconic X-Wing with the Rebel Alliance to take on the Empire, head-on, and destroy their super-weapon, the DEATH STAR!

This figure is just $39.99! The packaging is a tad beat up, but is certainly still worth having in your Star Wars action figure collection!


STAR WARS: The Black Series - #03, Sandtrooper

The other original Black series figure we've gotten in is #03, the Sandtrooper. Modeled after the Stormtroopers that showed up on Tattooine when C-3PO and R2-D2 made their escape from the Empire in A New Hope. Remember the iconic scene where Obi-Wan uses his Force suggestion to escape the Imperial Stormtroopers before meeting Han and Chewie in Mos Eisley? This is one of those Stormtroopers...!

This figure is also $39.99, and its box is probably in much better shape than the Luke we have. He comes with several different weapons, as well as a hydration pack. It's beautifully detailed, and really cool to look at. 

We've only got one of each of these Black Series Star Wars figures, so DO NOT MISS OUT! 


New OLD Comics!

11903844_950157518378846_8622095360660343142_nAs many of you guys know, we do a lot of trading in the store with comics, and most of the time we get the same 80's and 90's stuff.... There's no such thing as a bad comic, they're all great to read, it's just that stuff from the 80's and the 90's is that most of the titles released in those decades were over-published and aren't really worth too much. But, sometimes, we do get hauls that bare some fantastic fruit. 

We recently just got in almost-complete, classic, collections of both Captain America [& Falcon] and Frank Miller's Daredevil!



Part of a recent haul we've acquired had some fantastic issues from Stan Lee's run of CAPTAIN AMERICA, that started from #100. But, we've since sold that #100, and our selection now starts from #102. From there, our selection even reaches through #134, when the title changed to Captain America & Falcon, which was the title all the way through #222. We've got some solid ten-issue runs in our backstock for you guys to check out, and pick through, if you're missing any issues from your collection. The earlier you go back, the more rough-looking the copies become, but we do have plenty of well-kept comics in our selection!

Check out our backstock next time you come into the store!

Below are just some of the issues we have included in our selection...


11951399_950157915045473_1233815799697705117_nCaptain America #119


11898898_950158041712127_6227351033963632497_nCaptain America #125


11903773_950158211712110_1600025189290590834_nCaptain America #127


11923207_950158281712103_1253450179779154505_nCaptain America #128


11899794_950158418378756_2547724585620173966_nCaptain America #129


11888085_950158471712084_7631581123206546512_nCaptain America #131


11902511_950158521712079_6887810815653776033_nCaptain America #123


11222950_950158571712074_6756965908125042406_nCaptain America & Falcon #134


11919573_950158608378737_3704940751130837998_nCaptain America & Falcon #137


1604726_950158665045398_2102091111010666890_nCaptain America & Falcon #138


11224720_950158721712059_2123899869819106391_nCaptain America & Falcon #140


11923619_950158768378721_4561494465820860892_nCaptain America & Falcon #142


11960005_950158958378702_8126680141933808468_nCaptain America & Falcon #144


11204402_950159435045321_6841605248828858462_nCaptain America & Falcon #145



We've even got bits and pieces of Captain America's time as Nomad!

This story was when Steve Rogers abandoned the role of Captain America once becoming disillusioned with the US Government after finding that a high-ranking official was the leader of the Secret Empire.

This is one of the most quintessential 70's Captain America stories, and is waiting to take its place inside your Captain America collection.

11224476_950159568378641_8174243578927964882_nCaptain America & Falcon #176


11896130_950159815045283_1426486709672112461_nCaptain America & Falcon #178


11947677_950159935045271_6355398153790396323_nCaptain America & Falcon #180


11039045_950160098378588_4911110307649585318_nCaptain America & Falcon#183


And that's not all!
We've also got in some quintessential issues of Daredevil from Frank Miller's iconic run on the character!
Marvel's TV series on Netflix was such a major success that it warranted Marvel and Netflix to fast track a second season, hitting the online streaming service in April of next year. The new season will co-star Marvel's legendary characters The Punisher and Elektra, both of whom played intrigal parts in Frank Miller's darker, grounded take on Daredevil in the 80's. With that said, we've got a good bit of that run, which includes his team-ups with The Punisher and Elektra, along with the latter's iconic death at the hands of Bullseye!


There's no telling how much these will be worth when the show comes back, next year! So, be sure to come in and scoop them up from our back-issue boxes before they're gone!

11954557_950167125044552_6578556948006790815_nDaredevil #163


11224720_950167201711211_5392500366796305096_nDaredevil #164


11951244_950167231711208_5791842271655039373_nDaredevil #174


11903837_950167258377872_6007624617268062740_nDaredevil #175


11953016_950167278377870_8734930352607277354_nDaredevil #176


11889423_950167325044532_7772831526239121922_nDaredevil #179


11924972_950167435044521_2254011849440466421_nDaredevil #181


11947446_950167485044516_262177181914805520_nDaredevil #182


11204383_950167525044512_2213307967577784172_nDaredevil #183


11058492_950167575044507_7057662324073693458_nDaredevil #184


11954770_950167851711146_8083442131325463409_nDaredevil #187


11921677_950167908377807_2358351148544284821_nDaredevil #188


11903761_950167628377835_1451947441407810612_nDaredevil #196


11887992_950167738377824_393944456550380673_nDaredevil #200


11951217_950167815044483_5814934528226097767_nDaredevil #257




We've even got an issue in our back issue boxes written by The Man, himself, Stan Lee! This is the first meeting between our favorite Man Without Fear, and the Sentinel of Liberty Captain America! And just in time to celebrate the work of the great Jack Kirby, too, as he did the cover for this issue! This is even the first break-up between Matt and his classic love interest, Karen Page. So, if you've got a place for this in your collection, we definitely suggest nabbing it before it's gone!



We can't talk about Marvel's next season of Daredevil without bringing up The Punisher, at least once. And, fortunately, we've got more than just one thing to mention! When the character was introduced, obviously he was a major deal, even being one of the quintessential characters of the 80's, with both of his solo series debuting in the latter half of that decade. To this day, he's become a fan favorite of the Marvel Universe, and while he hasn't had a hit film, yet, we are sure that he'll become a much bigger deal once he debuts into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Daredevil's second season!


The Punisher, vol. 1, #1-5 (of 4)

We've gotten in all five of the four issue mini-series that put the character back on the map after his debut the decade before. This first title was so popular, Marvel let it last one extra issue, and this later helped in Marvel's decision to give the character his very own on-going series, which ran strong through the 90's. Since then, he's had several different titles through the 90's and 2000's, but nothing beats this fantastic five issue mini-series. We've got them in FANTASTIC condition, you couldn't probably ask for anything better!

Come in and check them out, and grab them while they're here! We've only got one of each issue, especially that #5, so don't hesitate to get them!








The Punisher, vol. 2, #1-5 (AND OTHERS!)

After the first mini-series was a hit, Marvel launched an on-going featuring Frank Castle, which had a pretty good, long run through the 90's. Besides the mini-series, this on-going was one of Marvel's biggest hits during its run. We've got the first five issues of this on-going, along with several other issues afterwards, but not too many strong five or ten issue runs, like some of the other stuff I've shown, here. Come and check these out, especially if you're missing any from your Punisher collection!

11891037_950169538377644_1379109018850472934_nThe Punisher #1


11949525_950169961710935_9035810382737795538_nThe Punisher #2


11951281_950170161710915_7941959513662480625_nThe Punisher #3


11904715_950174035043861_2074402393119934588_nThe Punisher #4


11960286_950174071710524_2105732407445018900_nThe Punisher #5


And, just like with Daredevil, we've also got a Captain America cross-over with The Punisher, as well! This one's  in the form of the three-issue mini-series THE PUNISHER & CAPTAIN AMERICA: BLOOD & GLORY. We've got all three issues in fantastic condition, and ready to be added to your Punisher, or even your Captain America collection!





And, speaking of fantastic Punisher cross-over tales....

In probably one of the most uncanny of cross-overs, the one we still can't believed happened was The Punisher Meets Archie. We've got this fantastic one-shot event at the store! I mean, 48 pages, no ads? Totally worth it! 


All of these are likely to become highly sought-after collector's item issues in the coming year, as the character gains more notoriety from his inclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You're definitely gonna want to hop on these purchases, now, before it's too late and we stop coming across any!

Also, note, that what is presented is not all we have. These are just some of the highlights of the bigger selections (Unless specifically said). We definitely came into a bit of a gold mine with this trade, and we hope we can, at least, finish, or even start some people's collections with what we've obtained in this last week!

The Walking Dead #1: Artist Proof Edition

Now, before we wrap up this Collector's Corner, we did want to highlight a new collector's piece that was released, this week. Image Comics has re-released an over-sized version of The Walking Dead #1. The book isn't small enough to fit in any comic bag, but is definitely something to frame, and mount to your wall. These are limited in number, and we only got in 10. They've been selling incredibly well, and we want to make sure more of you are aware this is available at our store before they're all gone!

It's $19.99, and features the original artwork of issue #1 in full pencils. It's definitely something any hard-core Walking Dead fan should have in their collection, for sure! So, don't miss out on getting one before they're all gone!



This week's was a bit of a long one, but we've definitely had an eventful and busy week. A lot of this came out of that, and we were just super excited to show everything to you! But, of course, there's PLENTY more where this came from! Check out our first four entries, from this month, and keep and eye out for our future entries every week, or even twice a week (If we're not too busy), highlighting the best we've got to offer!

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