THE COLLECTOR’S CORNER (8/20/16): SUICIDE SQUAD & Consignment Statues! PLUS: Hard-To-Find Funko POP! Vinyls!



Suicide Squad is Here! And You Can Own

Your Favorite Characters!


DC Films' and Warner Brothers' SUICIDE SQUAD hit theaters earlier this month. It's divided the line between fans and critics, once again, but fans have heavily allied behind the film! It's been doing pretty great at the box office, and is set to take a third weekend as the #1 film in America. With that said, we've got some awesome merch that the HARDEST Suicide Squad fans are gonna want, for sure!

You love Deadshot? Harley? Captain Boomerang? Well, we at Soundwave will have a couple'a statues that'll allow you to own your favorite characters! We're getting in statues for the characters mentioned earlier, but also Katana, Killer Croc, and The Joker! They're fantastically-crafted; Looking exactly like the actors who portrayed the characters in the film, they're created with state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology.
The only downside?

They're limited...

We tried ordering as many as possible so that we'd have enough, but at the end of the day they were allocated out to all of the stores that ordered them, and some got all they wanted while others got the bare minimum. We got lucky on the Harleys and Jokers, but if you want any of the other Suicide Squad characters, you'll need to be quick! We've only got one of each character...


They will be $149.99 a piece, and you can check them out, below.

If you'd like to reserve one, hit us up either by phone (843-821-8810), e-mail ([email protected]), or on Facebook and we'll try to hook you up!














Help Another Member of the Soundwave Family Out!

Check Out Our Selection of Consignment Pieces!


Every so often we get some awesome stuff through the door that someone's looking to sell or trade. But, we always like to try and help out our Soundwave family members make more money by offering them the choice of putting their premier items on consignment.

We've got one guy looking to sell some top-notch Sideshow statues that you couldn't find better deals for anywhere else! Come on into the store and check them out, or check them out, below...


A Sideshow Collectible statue, this fantastic sculpt of everyone's favorite female G.I. Joe baddie stands at 22in tall with authentic fabric costume and her signature weaponry. We do have the box readily available for repackaging, as well.

With its extreme detail, this statue is definitely for the hardest G.I. Joe fan's collection. The listed price for this item is $249.99, plus tax. 



Constructed from polystone, CyberCop is the first in a line of Heavy Metal Girls statues from Hollywood Collectibles. Based on the artwork by Alex Horly from the January 2003 edition of Heavy Metal Magazine  which featured Heavy Metal cover model Stacey E. Walke, this gorgeous piece stands at 20in tall. On patrol in a future timeline, CyberCop is ready for anything with gun in-hand ridding the world of the alien scum that inhabits it.

This piece is listed at $149.99, but if you get Vampirella, instead, as mentioned in the last entry, you can get CyberCop for absolutely free with that purchase.



This beautiful Sideshow Collectible is masterfully-painted and impressively sculpted. The piece comes in multiple, easily-packageable pieces, and we do have the box to help transport it home. If you're a fan of this timeless comic book heroine, you NEED this in your collection! There's no way you can pass her up!

Her listed price is $400.00. And, as an added bonus, if you buy Vampirella you can get our next entry, CyberCop for absolutely free!



Lady Death's PURGATORI Flies Into Soundwave This Week!

The vampire goddess from Egypt, rising from the pits of Hell, has never looked so desirable... Or deadly! Based on the work of comics sensation Michael Turner (Fathom, Witchblade) and sculpted by the ever-talented Jason Smith, the bat-winged beauty of Chaos! Comics joins the brand-new Women of Dynamite line of statues.


Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain, the Purgatori statue stands approximately 12" (nearly 14" to the tips of her wings!) in height with a 6" base, with each individually numbered as part of a Limited Edition run of 1994 statues (celebrating the debut year of Chaos! Comics). The Women of Dynamite: Purgatori statue comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This crimson-skinned killer makes an alluring addition to every hardcore fiend's collection!

You can have her in your collection for $189.99, plus tax.


Lookin' For Some Rare Funko POP! Vinyls?

Well, We Might Have What You Need...

Let's take a slight detour, now, since we've got some smaller collectibles that people are gonna flip over...


This last week has been pretty fruitful in exclusive and rare POP! merch coming through the door. We've gotten some awesome stuff you can't find anymore, and more things that customers and friends have been asking for some time, now. We're really excited for you guys to check them out, so here you go...

Call us, e-mail us, or hit us up on Facebook, or even just come on in if you want them! We only have one of each, so it's first come, first serve!


These two have been out of circulation for quite some time, especially Bob here. We're offering them as a set; The Jay box is a little worn, with some discoloration and impact damage on the top, back, and one of the corners. If you're a Kevin Smith fan, or a rare POP! collector, you're gonna want to grab these before they're gone! Again, these are long-retired POP!s that are out of circulation. 

As mentioned, they're being sold as a set, so with that said they're $75.00 together.



Another Funko POP! vinyl from the game Fallout, this time we've got a rare GOLD Power Armor figure, also only an exclusive at GameStop. 

This gold Power Armor is $79.99.




From the Fallout video game series, we've got in this GameStop EXCLUSIVE Funko POP! figure. The figure glows in the dark and is limited in number. We've only got one in, ourselves.

The Glowing One POP! vinyl figure is $59.99.



Everyone's favorite Merc With a Mouth is back at Soundwave Comics! They've made multiple versions of Deadpool, and we've had them all at one point or another, even Deadpool's Mercs For Money, like Solo and Foolkiller. This time around, we got back in the classic Deadpool with two swords, unmasked Deadpool, X-Men Deadpool, and X-Force Deadpool. People have been asking about these figures for months since we last sold out, and now we've finally got them back in! So, if you were looking for any, or ALL, of these, we've got them back in stock!
All of them are in great condition, aside from the box of the unmasked Deadpool which has some ware and impact damage on it.

The classic and X-Force Deadpools are $11.99 a piece.

The unmasked and X-Men Deadpools are $9.99 a piece.