The Marvel Digital Download Story

Soundwave needs a sign and we’re asking for your help!

Marvel Digital Copy

As most of you know Marvel Comics started adding codes for free digital copies that you can download when you buy certain issues. What you probably don’t know is that with every code you redeem, not only do you get the free digital copy but our store is credited 50 cents! This doesn’t seem like much but 50 cents from every issue redeemed can add up quickly! We have realized that we can use this to help us toward our biggest upcoming goal of 2013, a sign above the door!!

So we have made up our minds and we are making a pledge to you! All of the money we are credited on our Marvel books will go toward getting a sign to put above the door outside and to do more parties and promotions for everyone! The digital codes on the comics do expire and you’ve already paid for them so why not get what you paid for???

  • Please redeem codes from your future and past purchased comic books (the directions for redeeming codes can be found in your comic book)
  • When redeeming, Select Soundwave Music & Movies in Summerville, so we’ll get the credit!
  • Don’t want the digital copy? Give it to a friend & spread the love!

Thank you so much for your help and support. We really appreciate it!

-Greg, Holly, Hank, Alessandra

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