The Summer is Here And Soundwave is READY to Embrace The Heat!

The Summer Begins, And With it,

a Slew of Events to Look Forward To!

When you read this, tomorrow is the last day of May, and we'll officially begin June! School's out, people are going on vacation, and the major cons roll out! And we're rolling out to one of them, ourselves! We'll be heading over to HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 16th to the 18th, and during that weekend we WILL BE CLOSED. We'll be back that following Monday, business as usual. If you are going to HeroesCon and are worried about finding something to be signed, starting tomorrow, we'll have a display of great comics, variants, and books by some of the attending creators. Be sure and pick up a few cool pieces that you may not have had the option to get before to add to your collection!

One of the items we'll have for you guys to grab is the one in twenty-five variant cover of The New 52 JUSTICE LEAGUE #39, done by Charleston local Babs Tarr. Grab yourself a copy and we'll see you in Babs' line at HeroesCon!




And SPEAKING of Wonder Woman... Did you know about WONDER WOMAN DAY this weekend?

This Saturday, June 3rd, DC Comics will be celebrating 76 of Wonder Woman, and the debut of the character's first live-action solo film debut, with a day completely dedicated to our favorite Amazonian Princess-Warrior! When it comes to DC, they’ve ALWAYS had the famous trio: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. But alas, our favorite Amazonian demigod has never really gotten the same recognition as her companions in justice.
Now, it's her turn!

18527555_1438017636259496_5818600769430757102_nWe will be honoring the day with FREEBIES, like Wonder Woman-themed tiaras and bracelets, a free reprint of the first issue of the current Wonder Woman series, and a FREE issue of the DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman Day Special Edition comic! We will also be having plenty of special sales and deals in store to celebrate, and more in the works!
For updates throughout the rest of the week about the event, check out our official Facebook event page HERE, and tell us you're coming!



Continuing on with the topic of anniversary celebrations, this week, Saga is getting in on the 25th anniversary of Image celebration with a $0.25 issue! EVERY CUSTOMER GETS A COPY FOR FREE!


Furthermore, the Saga issue comes with several exclusive, incentive prints. True fans are gonna want to get at least one of these. We only have a few available for sale. You can't go without this awesome collector's item piece!




PEOPLE WHO GOT IN ON THE FREE COMIC BOOK DAY DEALS! Have you gotten your bundle, yet?

We still have a few leftover packs of FCBD comics waiting for people to come pick up, who participated in our FCBD deals. It's been a while, and we need you guys to come grab these. We'll be re-distributing them back out, soon, if you don't. And, for those of you who DID participate in those deals, come into the store and get a treat: We've got two different volumes of The New Avengers ABSOLUTELY FREE for those of you on our list for buying trade paperbacks to get more FCBD comics.




BUT! If you didn't get in on the FCBD deals, don't worry! You can get these for free, too!
Grab any Marvel book available on our book shelves, and you can get one of these two New Avengers trades for FREE! BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!



Are you ready for "The Summer of The Spider"!?
ONLY AT SOUNDWAVE; Look out for the reveal NEXT WEEK!