Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk for Pre-Order!

Brought to you by USAopoly and available exclusively from Diamond Comic Distributors :

MONOPOLY: The Walking Dead Survival Edition  ($49.99)

RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Edition ($39.99) games are being offered for pre order!


In RISK: The Walking Dead Survival Ed. it’s a fun, new twist on classic Risk game play.  USAopoly debuts a brand new map set in the southeast region of the United States where players battle and scavenge for their very lives. Players vie to be the dominant group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world infested by the undead. Contending for survival at every turn, gamers must not only fend off attacks from the living who compete for precious, limited resources upon which their survival depends, but they also must maintain their self-preservation from the unrelenting hordes of the undead that would feast upon them.


MONOPOLY: The Walking Dead Survival Edition delivers classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play.  Players vie for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. There’s only one victor that will outlast the others – whether living or undead — when all is said and done. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play and a fight to the finish!


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