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Newsletter for 11/26/14 – Black Friday is upon us!

What does Black Friday mean at Soundwave? It means, SLEEP IN! We’ll be open offering you deals all day long at our normal… more »

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Newsletter for April 30th!

This Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!                                              Join us this Tuesday for our Amazing Spider-Man Midnight release sale!                                                                            Click the pictures above to see the… more »

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Newsletter for March 12th!

SOUNDWAVE COMICS! 2139 B North Main St. Summerville (843)821-8810 E-mail: [email protected] Click the calendar to view full screen! We have a lot of exciting… more »

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Soundwave Weekly Minutes for Jan 08, 2014

Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Minutes video for all the great NEW comics coming out this week! Also, check it out… more »

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10/23/13 Featured Number 1’s!

MARVEL NOW WHAT #1 MARVEL COMICS (W/A) Various (CA) Skottie Young • Get ready for the NOWest book in Marvel NOW History – Marvel… more »