The Collector’s Corner #3 (August 15th)

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Hey, guys, Comic Book John here with a SPECIAL Collector's Corner, this week! We got some pretty awesome stuff in, last week, and we just couldn't wait to tell you guys about it. Trust us, you're gonna want to get this week's items QUICK, because these pieces are likely to sell out just as soon as you start reading this!

But, what IS Collector's Corner?


Every week, on Tuesday, we'll have a new article showing items that we've bought, traded for, and received on consignment. We're always buying and trading with people and there's always one thing, or another, that sticks out.  From older, or landmark comics, to amazingly-crafted statues, we've got things for any and all collectors, no matter the preference! And we want to make sure you're all aware that they're available to you!

So, what do we have in for you guys this week...?



By far, the most popular and praised series, both on television and on the printed page, is THE WALKING DEAD.

We recently came into a purchase of some great landmark, and early issues, of the series that you're sure to not want to miss out on getting, if you've missed any! And we've got a whole collection of issues to look through! Presented, here, are just three of the great Walking Dead comic pieces we have at the store, and we definitely suggest you come on in and look through our back-issue selections!



This issue of the hit comic series was a turning point for Rick and his group, as this is the issue he's taken out of a position of absolute power in favor of the Committee. This is also where Rick famously declares that they are "The Walking Dead". This landmark issue is $25.00, here, at the store! It's the only copy we have, so don't hesitate to grab it as soon as possible!




Another landmark issue, here we meet fan-favorite characters Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. These characters have equally blown up since appearing on the TV series in the most recent seasons. This loaded issue is $40.00, here, at the store and is looking for a home in your collection! Get it while we have it!


This incredibly loaded, highly eventful issue of The Walking Dead series has found its way back to the store! I won't spoil anything for anyone, if you haven't read it, but it's definitely a issue you need to grab! We've got a couple of copies, each one with a variant cover, ranging from $6 to $20. This is definitely one of the more sought-after issues, and once they're gone at our store, they might as well be gone forever!


SDCC Exclusives Are Still At Soundwave!

11903911_943281772399754_7898451451281905845_nWe've got some new San Diego Comic Con exclusives at the store, this week, and a sale on some of the left-over ones, as well! You won't find these items anywhere else for the great prices we have them at!




We've got an SDCC Exclusive SmodCo. Podcast Pals Kevin Smith Mini-Mate vinyl figure! We've only got five at the store, all of which are priced at $9.99! And who doesn't want to have a Mini-Mate vinyl of everyone's favorite famous fanboy, Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith? 


Who ya gonna call when a pizza needs cuttin'? The Ghostbusters, of course! We've got a few of these in, as well, pizza cutters styled after that iconic Ghostbusters logo we all know and love, and gets us revved up to sing along with the theme song! They're all at $14.99. Get them while they're here!





We've got in a few of these limited edition GREEN LANTERN two-pack mini action figures! There were ONLY 3000 made! We've got them, here, for $19.95. You're definitely gonna want to get yourself one of these for your action figure collection! 'Cause, once they're gone, there's no getting them back!

We will have ALL remaining SDCC'15 comic books ON SALE for UP TO 50% off!

HURRY! While supplies last!

Bob's Burgers (Frank Forte Variant) #1: Was $9.99, is now $4.99

Invader Zim (Ian McGinty, Fred Stresing variant) #1: Was $14.99, is now $7.49

Secret Wars (Mini-Mates) #4: Was $9.99, is now $4.99

Lando #1 (Skottie Young B&W): Was $6.99, is now $4.99

X-Men '92 #1 (B&W variant): Was $9.99, is now $4.99



Here, at Soundwave, we have the COMPLETE Infinity Gauntlet event in our back-issue boxes, priced and ready to be added to your collection!

One of Marvel's earliest and biggest cross-over events, Infinity Gauntlet features all of their landmark heroes taking on none other than Thanos, who possesses the ever-powerful Infinity Gauntlet.

This mini-series is definitely something to have when Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War - Parts 1 & 2 hit theaters in 2018 and 2019! Thanos' popularity is only going to grow, from here!



11903811_943282092399722_6240045764367632967_n (1)The Infinity Gauntlet #1



10378079_943282135733051_8154406407657012522_nThe Infinity Gauntlet #2



11035837_943282162399715_8438879864088526302_nThe Infinity Gauntlet #3

$5.00, $10.00, $15.00


11903783_943282185733046_7135890623753925439_nThe Infinity Gauntlet #4




11224095_943282295733035_4010631423222461620_nThe Infinity Gauntlet #5

$10.00, $15.00


11880669_943282429066355_2283623779936782193_nThe Infinity Gauntlet #6

$5.00, $10.00, $15.00


Babs Tarr Batgirl B&W Statue

Part of the series of Batman: Black & White statues, DC Entertainment is releasing a new BATGIRL statue, based on the hot new look created by comic artist Babs Tarr!

A Charleston local, Babs has taken the Batgirl comic book series by storm, with her artistic style taking over as of Batgirl #35. Her style has become one of the hottest in the comic book industry, today! Soundwave has secured ten statues of only 5200 made!

If you are interested, PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know IMMEDIATELY!

We're bound to sell out!





KISS Rocks Out at Soundwave!

From action figures, to Hot Wheels, to vintage make-up sets, we've got in an entire collection of KISS merchandise that even the hardest-core collector couldn't turn down!



We've got two different sets of the Psycho Circus action figures. We have one set of the single figures, featuring all four members of the band, which comes with their respective instruments. Then, we have the Psycho Circus two-packs, which come with Circus Freak Show characters, along with each member of the band, and weapons they can wield. These were created by McFarlane toys and are currently priced at just $10, each. 






Like the Psycho Circus, we have multiple sets at the store of this line of KISS figures. Two of these sets come with stands. Each figure is of each member of the band, and each stand they come with is a letter of the band's name in their iconic font. The third set we have replaces the lettered stands with collectible model record albums, each one featuring the face of the band member its packaged with. All of these come with stylized/weaponized versions of their respective instruments. The figures themselves are armored-out with spiked shoulder and arm pads, and look ready for battle! Each figure is priced at $10, each.


Our third series of KISS toys we only have one set of. These figures are more like vinyls, or moveable statues than they are action figures. Each figure is in a iconic stance, with their respective instruments in-hand. Each figure also comes with extra prop pieces, such as candles, amps, and more. They each come with model guitar picks, with the band members' names on them. Each figure is of the band members, and we have them each priced at $10.




We have the Spencer Gifts Exclusive vinyl statues featuring each member of the KISS band!

Each figure comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by each band member, as these are rare pieces, each one being one of 10,000 made. We have one of each member, and they're all priced at $12.00! 

We've also got a couple of interesting pieces that we, at Soundwave, would suggest to just have as part of a collection, rather than use them for their originally-intended purposes, as these are more or less health-hazards.

11825979_940245769370021_5793650476185142075_nThe first hazardous piece is this collectible KISS make-up set, which comes with any colors you'd need to look like a certified member of the band, along with fake blood packets, and their own tools for applying the make-up. We, at Soundwave, would kindly like to advise you to not actually use any of it. The packaging has the production date of 1997 on it. Who knows what costume make-up, from nearly 20 years ago could do to your skin. We've got two of these, and they're both at $2.99!

But, where's the "hard rock" style in that?

We've got two of these, and they're both at $2.99!


11870695_940245732703358_6826733853529984456_nThe other piece we have is this vintage KISS guitar-shaped candy dispenser, with the original hard candy still inside of it. It's probably safe to assume that this 15 year old piece isn't safe to each anymore, but it can very well be a fun part of your collection to show how much of a hard core fan of the band you are! We only have one of these, and we've got it priced at $5.99!


And, that's all for this week! Keep and eye out every week for these articles, as we try to showcase, and bring to your guys' attention, the interesting and cool stuff we're getting at the store every week!

And there's more where that came from!

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