Welcome to the New Soundwave Comics!

Welcome to Soundwave Comics!

Welcome fellow comic book lovers and others who happened upon this page!

This is the BRAND NEW SoundwaveComics.com! Here at Soundwave we wanted to bring you, the customer, the most inclusive experience you could have from a local comic shop. On this new website you will be able to view a wide spectrum of articles and features that are geared towards you. On SoundwaveComics.com you’ll find New Releases, Comic & Movie Reviews, Weekly Staff Picks, tips & hints for collectors in the Collector’s Corner, info on local Deals & Specials, Contests, Soundwave Events, and more!

One of my favorite new features (and I’m sure it will be one of yours too) is the All-New Pull-List! Customers can now create their own personal Soundwave Comics account where they can create and edit their weekly Pull-List straight from the website!  No more trying to remember what series you’ve subscribed to, or having to go in-store to add or remove a title. Simply log-in to your Soundwave account and view the ever expansive list of comics available from your favorite publishers and check off the titles you want to subscribe to!

If you are not familiar with Soundwave’s Subscription Program then make sure to check out our About Us page for all the details.

Again, this site is all about you, and we’ve worked very hard to bring you the best experience we can. Feel free to leave comments on the articles and posts here on the site, and please contact us via the Contact Us form to let us know of anything you’d like to see on the site. Also make sure to follow the brand new Soundwave Comics Twitter Feed and, of course, the ever active Soundwave Facebook Page!

Thanks again to all of you! Enjoy the new site!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop

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